Mental, Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

Psychiatric Illnesses are at an alarming stage in the world. Fighting the illness is only possible if you get early treatment from right mental healthcare unit! At Tulasi Healthcare, we promise to provide treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and any type of acute mental illnesses through medicine and holistic rehabilitation, Providing correct diagnosis and step by step treatment makes us the best alcohol and drug de-addiction and rehabilitation center in Delhi. We have treated not only Indians but also patients from neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan, at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Us ?

Tulasi health care is a group of psychiatric and a rehabilitation centres in Delhi dedicated to treatment of psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse disorder. We are devoted to the cause of saving lives and restoring families since 2002. We offer best chance at life long recovery.

Our treatment works because it is based on scientific approach. we combine psychiatric treatment with psychological intervention ,12 step program and family therapy for best results. The treatment is customized according to the individual needs.

We specialize in dual diagnosis that is psychiatric co -morbidity with substance abuse disorder.

Research has shown that patients who are in continuous care after indoor treatment are more likely to remain abstinent. We have an efficient aftercare program for our patients where they are guided, encouraged and supported to remain abstinent.

Lastly, our treatment is cost effective. We offer treatment to all kinds of socio economic strata, depending on the financial situation family can choose from one of the three centers in Delhi, India.

Tulasi Health Care provides hope and healing to people affected by addiction problems & mental illness. We are a national provider of rehabilitation services for de addiction and psychiatric illnesses. Call +91-9891006875 to speak confidentially with a caring experienced member of our team. We'll help you get your life back.Visit Tulasi Rehab's Google+ Profile