About Us

We are recognized as a drug rehab centre, mental rehab center and alcohol rehabilitation delhi India. The treatment options are:

  • Medications
  • Implant for Addiction (Naltrexone Implant and Disulfiram Implant)
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Family education for mental illness and addiction

Like other best drug de-addiction and rehab center in world, we provide the best treatment for the above mentioned illnesses. The team of well-experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, medical and paramedical staff are devoted to the treatment of patients suffering from addiction and mental disorders. Various types of holistic approaches are initiated, so that the patients are able to get themselves away from addiction and mental disorders. Yoga, laughter therapy, social gathering, games, routine exercise and meditation are included in our rehab programs. Family members are made aware of ways to deal with their patient problems.

Psychosocial rehab helps an individual to make changes in their beliefs, goals, information, skills and self esteem. Due to these changes patients no longer see themselves as the diagnosis that they were given but as a person who can live rich and rewarding lives, so to contribute in their personal growth.

Key Features of Rehabilitation Program

  • Early detection, including screening and interventions
  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan
  • Contracting with patients (to reward good behavior and to punish bad behavior can improve treatment outcomes)
  • Social skills training. The basis for cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Continuing care (for our patients we continue to serve the best)

Tulasi Health Care provides hope and healing to people affected by addiction problems & mental illness. We are a national provider of rehabilitation services for de addiction and psychiatric illnesses. Call +91-9891006875 to speak confidentially with a caring experienced member of our team. We'll help you get your life back.Visit Tulasi Rehab's Google+ Profile