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A Man

“I need rehab”, I remember saying to a visiting relative while sitting at a coffee shop sometime in 2011.

I’d been drinking steadily and heavily for almost a decade and a half and it was the first time. I’d admitted to anyone other than my own self that I had a problem. And about time too.

My life was in tatters.

Professionally, my career as a musician/concert promoter/writer was at an end.

On the social front, most of my family (with the exception of an ailing mother), were abroad and seemed too far away to be able to help much.

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Why look offshore for de addiction treatment?

Percentage of alcohol dependent individuals in our country has increased tremendously and is only showing upward trends, if it was to be compared to the 1990s. In every 100 men, 70 like to drink and around 30 out of 70 are suffering from alcohol addiction problems in the country. Majority of Indians now start drinking at the age of 19 compared to 28 in the 1990s.

Experts believe that in another couple of years, majority will start consuming alcohol at the age of 15. Western culture and changing lifestyle seem to be playing a pivotal role for increasing alcoholism cases

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People addicted to various substances have managed to get sobriety with help of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, residential rehabilitation programs and outpatient clinics devoted to treating addiction. It is estimated that there are about 6.25 crore alcoholics, 90 lakh Cannabis and 2.5 lakhs opiates and nearly 10 lakh illicit drug users in the India.

Of the million addicted patients, only about 1 in 10 gets treatment, often these also fail to keep themselves sober. Many of existing  centres do not use proven scientific methods to deal with the factors that are root cause of addiction and trigger relapse.


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Anxiety: a boon or a bane


Is your worrying pathological?

Anxiety is body’s way of dealing with stressful situations, threatening conditions. It is like an automatic alarm clock that goes on when you deal with any of these situations.

Is anxiety always bad, No not always

In fact, anxiety can help you to react quickly, enhance your performance, make you commit fewer errors and motivate you to face ordeals. But when anxiety is overwhelming, it interferes with performance, activities, social interaction, makes you dysfunctional that is the time to seek help. This is when productive anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder.

Take this simple questionnaire to find

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Mr Dayal is a 55year, senior government official; he is admitted to a general hospital for treatment of head injury. He was attacked by his wife and son 2 days back .Mrs. Dayal is a 50year woman was brought to Tulasi Rehab Centre by her brother. She was very disturbed, agitated, and restless. Her looks were disheveled and she made no eye contact. When she was questioned by the psychiatrist about her problems, she blamed her husband of having an affair and she also thought that he was trying to kill her. She was convinced that he wanted her dead

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Relapse: a bitter truth

I am not an expert or a psychiatrist but a plain alcoholic, have been an alcoholic since I think beginning of time; if I were to jog along my memory lanes, I can clearly recall that I had first tasted my poison at the age of 18 .I had just started college, it was an era of independence, fun and liberation. By the time I became 30 I was a mess .I had gone through a lot of turmoil in my life from being fired, to broken relationships, to being tried for a credit card lawsuit. This was the path

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bipolarI am Divya ,a 23 year old. My story was similar to any young adult till 2 years back when I was diagnosed as bipolar disorder or maniac depressive.

I was studying in a college in Delhi University, leading a normal life of a fun loving college student. Born in upper class family I never had issues with money or comforts. I did whatever you did in college; party with friends, bunk classes, going for movies and so on. I do not remember exactly when but near the end of my second year I started getting little quite. As far

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CBT: An Effective Treatment for Schizophrenia

cbtVineet, a 35 year male was brought to Tulasi health care by his sister for treatment of paranoid schizophrenia, 6 months back. There was history of treatment in past but not on regular basis. He was actively hallucinating and delusional when he was brought to us. He was started on anti-psychotic medicines and gradually he started improving. Cognitive behaviour therapy was initiated to counter his symptoms, slowly he started showing improvement. He developed insight about his problems and was able to identify his irrational thinking pattern.

Recovery from mental condition is a lifelong process. From time to time, monitoring

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Roller coaster ride of Schizophrenia

For Nidhi and Mr. Anand and their son manoj, the nightmare began around the time when Mr. Anand got transferred from Amritsar to Delhi. Manoj around twenty year, first year college student became withdrawn, hostile suspicious, after the move. He blamed Mr. Anand of deliberately shifting to Delhi to persecute him and he dropped out of college. He was diagnosed as to be suffering with schizophrenia and was started on medicines. He did not show any response initially so had to be changed on newer medicines and then he responded. In between there were periods of agitation and violence which

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How to deal with a teenager with a drug abuse?

Till about few years back Indian teenagers were a naive lot, living in the shadow of their parents but with the advent of western culture our teenagers our exposed to some goods and bad equally.

In trying to look cool or under peer pressure our teens start experimenting with drug abuse and get trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. It is difficult to identify these problems because of hormonal changes they are going through like they become moody, secretive, independent and do not want to be told what to do or not.

But if you see some of these

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