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Craving for alcohol can be explained in simple words as an uncontrollable obsessive desire to consume more, and more… and still more, until a person loses control of his senses and logical thinking. It is not simple to contain, and sometimes leads to unexplainable acts. As a result, the brain loses track of the normal activities performed in daily life. In short, life becomes haywire; there is no routine and the mind runs riot. In order to control this alcohol craving, one needs change in life to arrive at a complete transformation. For this, a number of steps need to

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Initially, life without alcohol seems unimaginable. For an alcoholic, daily life begins and ends with the liquid. Alcoholism is not called a disease without good reason. Even the World Health organization (WHO) endorses this fact.

Over a period of time, a person’s condition worsens. The book reorganized the world over, Alcoholics Anonymous (or The Big Book as it is popularly known as), predicts the fate of an alcoholic – asylum, jail or a painful horrible death.

But without the substance, there is an about-turn in a person’s life, which becomes more meaningful in every conceivable way. Most of the things

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Alcoholism – Is it a Disease or Just a Bad Habit?

There is a lot of confusion amongst the general public regarding the issue of alcoholism. Most people assume that an alcoholic is simply one who over-indulges in a substance which every other drinker can handle responsibly and in moderation.

Others automatically presume an alcoholic to be of weak moral character and strength, lazy and self-indulgent with nothing to contribute to society. They are known to lie, cheat, steal in order to get what they want and are even known to be sexually aggressive or obsessive.

But what about the working man who comes back home after a hard day at

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