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Alcoholism – Is it a Disease or Just a Bad Habit?

There is a lot of confusion amongst the general public regarding the issue of alcoholism. Most people assume that an alcoholic is simply one who over-indulges in a substance which every other drinker can handle responsibly and in moderation.

Others automatically presume an alcoholic to be of weak moral character and strength, lazy and self-indulgent with nothing to contribute to society. They are known to lie, cheat, steal in order to get what they want and are even known to be sexually aggressive or obsessive.

But what about the working man who comes back home after a hard day at

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A Man

“I need rehab”, I remember saying to a visiting relative while sitting at a coffee shop sometime in 2011.

I’d been drinking steadily and heavily for almost a decade and a half and it was the first time. I’d admitted to anyone other than my own self that I had a problem. And about time too.

My life was in tatters.

Professionally, my career as a musician/concert promoter/writer was at an end.

On the social front, most of my family (with the exception of an ailing mother), were abroad and seemed too far away to be able to help much.

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People addicted to various substances have managed to get sobriety with help of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, residential rehabilitation programs and outpatient clinics devoted to treating addiction. It is estimated that there are about 6.25 crore alcoholics, 90 lakh Cannabis and 2.5 lakhs opiates and nearly 10 lakh illicit drug users in the India.

Of the million addicted patients, only about 1 in 10 gets treatment, often these also fail to keep themselves sober. Many of existing  centres do not use proven scientific methods to deal with the factors that are root cause of addiction and trigger relapse.


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