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schizophreniaThere are common misconceptions about schizophrenia even today, In spite of new developments in the mental health field. Awareness regarding this mental ailment is necessary so as to get a better understanding about the disease and identifying the symptoms at the earliest, in order to seek treatment without delay. Here are common myths along with the facts about SCHIZOPHRENIA.

MYTH 1) Schizophrenia is a split personality or a multiple personality disorder.

FACT 1) Schizophrenia is not a split personality disorder it is in fact a “split from reality” or in other words a break from reality.

MYTH 2) Schizophrenics

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Reality according to definition is “a state of things that existed, exist and will exist”. Anything in contrast to this truth is called false, fictional or to be more precise they are called “delusions”.

What exactly are delusions?

They are a strange break from reality, or a false unshakable belief not keeping with a person’s cultural, social and educational background.

Simply it means a belief that is so strong and so firm which is brought about by a distorted thought process that is incorrigible.

There is the “bizarre delusion” which is of strange and implausible kind, which couldn’t

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Roller coaster ride of Schizophrenia

For Nidhi and Mr. Anand and their son manoj, the nightmare began around the time when Mr. Anand got transferred from Amritsar to Delhi. Manoj around twenty year, first year college student became withdrawn, hostile suspicious, after the move. He blamed Mr. Anand of deliberately shifting to Delhi to persecute him and he dropped out of college. He was diagnosed as to be suffering with schizophrenia and was started on medicines. He did not show any response initially so had to be changed on newer medicines and then he responded. In between there were periods of agitation and violence which

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