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A Man – Part 2

It really didn’t take much of an intervention to get me into rehab.

A couple of friends showed up at the door one day and told me that I was a mess and was finally going to get some help for it. They also reminded me that it was I who had muttered the word “rehab” in the first place. Despite being completely tanked up at the time, I was ready for it.

In my head though, rehab meant a place to go where they’d help me put the brakes on my runaway lifestyle. I didn’t think I needed a

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A Man

“I need rehab”, I remember saying to a visiting relative while sitting at a coffee shop sometime in 2011.

I’d been drinking steadily and heavily for almost a decade and a half and it was the first time. I’d admitted to anyone other than my own self that I had a problem. And about time too.

My life was in tatters.

Professionally, my career as a musician/concert promoter/writer was at an end.

On the social front, most of my family (with the exception of an ailing mother), were abroad and seemed too far away to be able to help much.

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