Disulfiram Implant

(At Tulasi Healthcare, you get promising and advanced alcohol addiction treatment. With the alcohol implant treatment we have treated many people)

Alcohol Addiction

"According to a very famous tale, in a first sip, man drinks alcohol; in second sip, alcohol drinks alcohol; in a third sip, a wild animal drinks alcohol."

It is true that interest in alcohol starts with a group of friends and gradually it becomes an integral part of your life, which is known as addiction. Despite the fact that it will harm your body, you find yourself helpless to get out from it. Certain elements present in the alcohol that excite pleasure in the brain. Family history of alcoholism and mental health problems like depression and anxiety may also lead to alcohol addiction because alcohol is taken as a self-medicate.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Using alcohol in situations when it is dangerous for your physical health
  • Repeatedly neglecting your family and social responsibilities because of your drinking habit
  • Experiencing legal problems every now and then because of drunk driving/li>
  • Drinking as a way to relief you
  • Drinking even with your relationship is at risk

Alcohol Implants at Tulasi Healthcare

We are India's leading healthcare unit for drug abuse and alcoholism. We have resolved a large number of alcoholism cases in Delhi, India through our alcohol implants technique. Few clinics in India offer advanced alcoholism treatment like us.

We are using DISULFIRAM IMPLANT treatment in India that has been practised successfully in the US and other countries for years.

Disulfiram is a medically approved treatment solution of chronic alcoholism. It blocks the processing of alcohol in the body resulting in unpleasant reaction when alcohol is consumed. Disulfiram is slowly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and prevent the patient from alcohol consumption. The longer the patient on therapy, the more sensitive he becomes to drinking habit.

Earlier Disulfiram was only available in tablets but now it comes as implants and injections. Patients who have poor compliance with oral tablets are good candidates for this mode of delivery of Disulfiram. The life of injection is 4 to 6 weeks and that of implant is 3 to 6 months.

Unpleasant symptoms are noticed in patient on Disulfiram when patient consumes alcohol, referred as the Disulfiram alcohol reaction like chest pain, sweating, nausea, headache, palpitation, hypotension, weakness, blurred vision, tachycardia etc.

There are few disadvantages of implant like Inflammation on the implant site, which subsides after a course of antibiotics and anti inflammatory. At Tulasi Healthcare, a team of highly trained doctors are always ready to provide the best therapy for alcoholism. Numbers of alcoholism cases have been resolved by us.

Do Not hesitate!

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