Tulasi Healthcare: The Finest Opiate Rehabilitation Centre

(Providing the best opiate rehab is the goal of Tulasi Healthcare. Treating with the latest medical treatments for drug abuse has made Tulasi, advanced addiction Rehabilitation Centre in India We have emerged as a ray of hope to Indians suffering from drug abuse.)

India has been noticing a significant increase in amount of cases of opiate abuse for the last 10 years. An opiate is a drug derived from opium like narcotic, mind-altering drugs, painkillers, analgesic, heroin etc... That directly depresses the central nervous system. Opiates suppress pain, reduce anxiety and euphoria (the stage of addiction). Opium abusers increase their quantity to get the strongest and immediate pleasure.


Addicted person use opiates continuously even after they know the serious physical and psychological harm. They cannot keep themselves away even they wish to get out from it. Opiates addiction treatment through rehab is the best solution.

Tulasi Health care is one stop to find the addiction treatment through the latest and advanced way which has maximum chance of positive results. Rehabilitation combined with oral Naltrexone or in form of implants or injection. Our expert team of doctors analyses the patient's history of opiate addiction followed by opiate detoxification and rehabilitation program. Naltrexone (a partial antagonist) is then prescribed, implant or injections are prescribed for patients whose oral compliance is poor and chances of their missing oral tablets are high. Patients on Naltrexone feel no effect of opiates because the receptors are completely blocked.

Earlier, Naltrexone was used as an oral tablet but the result from the medicine was not so impressive because most patients did not take it regularly. For this reason, the advanced Naltrexone therapy has been introduced. It is an FDA approved treatment.

The treatment gives the addicted a chance to recover physically their brain from the opiate damage. Through, this treatment we give the patients an excellent opportunity to get the life into the right track.

Naltrexone Implants

The medicine is implanted under the skin of the patient so, he/she cannot skip to take it. The implant is designed in the way that it releases slowly on the body for 3-12 months.

Implant is available in different strengths which have life of 3 months, 6 months, 10 months. Alternatively injections are available with life of 4 to 6 weeks. The advantage of implants is that it lasts for longer duration while injections have to be repeated frequently.

There are hardly any side effects other than local irritation, itching, redness on implant site, which also disappears on taking a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.

Very rarely patient may develop allergic reaction to the implant which can result in its extrusion.

It is recommended that after the Naltrexone implant or injection patient must remain in touch and remain in recovery program.

Tulasi Health Care provides hope and healing to people affected by addiction problems & mental illness. We are a national provider of rehabilitation services for de addiction and psychiatric illnesses. Call +91-9891006875 to speak confidentially with a caring experienced member of our team. We'll help you get your life back.Visit Tulasi Rehab's Google+ Profile