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Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a huge accomplishment. But do you know that relapse of addiction isa possibility. There are no miracles that prevent relapse, but constant effort from the addicted individual and his family decreases relapse potential.

What is Addiction Relapse?

It is a cardinal feature of addiction which is most painful. It means returning to drug use after a drug-free period. In medical science, a relapse is a return to destructive or heavier use of drugs or alcohol.

Why does It Happen?

  • Addiction disorder is a chronic disorder that cannot be cured but can be managed
  • Drug or alcohol related reminders like sounds, smells, sights, thoughts or even dreams
  • Negative mood states like anxiety, stress etc...
  • Positive mood states like celebration etc...
  • Genetic predisposition or family history of addiction
  • Mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

Addiction Relapse Prevention

The urge of addiction is best avoided when the patient is under psychological care. After completion of a rehab program, there is a possible chance that the patient can get back to addiction. Therefore, at the end of rehab program, a special stay clean and sober relapse prevention plan is initiated which is best known as an aftercare plan.

At Tulasi Healthcare, you find support of expert psychiatrists,psychologists and counselors for a long time. The aftercareprogram is easy to follow. It works like a health tonic that keeps you motivated to stay away from addiction.

You connect with us through cognitive behavioural relapse prevention program. It is a process that focuses on lifestyle, behavioural and cognitive changes. It helps develop coping skills to keep away from addiction.

It teaches how to avoid tempting situations, develop a positive support network, creates healthy schedule and keepsonebusy so as to avoid signs of relapse. We guide via constructive activities like reading, meditation and exercising to prevent relapse.

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