• I was a patient at Tulasi in 2009 and it was an incredible experience. It started me on my journey of recovery from addiction. The staff were incredible and dedicated and the accommodation was comfortable and safe. I have very fond memories of this place and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with addiction and is tired of feeling like a slave to drugs and/or alcohol. If you want your life back, call them today.

    - Elliot Hudson

  • very good treatment professional team

    - manish

  • good treatment ,i am clean after 3 years of drug abuse

    - jai kumar

  • I was there 3 years back.Tulasi completely changed my life.They taught me how to lead a drug free life.

    - Ravi

  • Ive had three treatements at tulsi. undergoing the third one for allied issues imerging out of primary incidence of psychosis.i have always throughout got attention from the tulsi staff regardless of being an in patient or not....the Councillor sometimes proactively in good faith keep contact with me.i would suggest families looking to get their wards admitted to check Dr Gorav Gupta on Google and is also readily availability to meet as a secondary introduction.

    - Karan Narang

  • Its the one of the best rehab for mental health under the supervision of dr gorav gupta, n proud that had worked under dr gorav gupta in his set-up and am proud of it. Hv learnt many things from him under his kind guidance. Wish Tulasi rehab. my best wishes

    - girish kurra

  • When I came to Tulasi I had tried a lots of rehabs, religious counselling,curfews and self help. It used to work for a few months but the desire to use always overcame. Coming here I realized that my drug problem was not a moral failing which was drilled into me since beginning but was a disease. Tulasi taught me that if my addiction was treated as a disease I had a better chance of overcoming it. Professional counselling and understanding along with the sessions with my wife has helped me immensely. It has helped my wife also in a great way. Today I am clean for over 5 months and my relationship with my wife has also started to improve. All I can say at this moment that I am enjoying my life free of drugs thanks to Tulasi.

    - Amarjeet Anand

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