Tulasi Healthcare has been catering to the needs of people with alcohol addiction, at various fronts, for several years. We have made a positive contribution in the lives of many people who have been suffering from alcoholism and co-morbidity. We are amongst the pioneers in the field of rehabilitation, and an obvious choice for many who want to get their alcohol addiction treated in India.

How Alcoholism is different from Alcohol Abuse?

What is Alcohol Abuse?

According to the CDC, alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking which results in harm to one’s health, to interpersonal relationships and/or to the ability to function properly. Alcohol abuse may manifest into the following situations:

  • Failure to fulfill major responsibilities at home, work, or school
  • Drinking in hazardous situations, such as driving under the influence
  • Drinking that leads to recurring legal problems
  • Continued drinking despite ongoing relationship problems that are caused or worsened by drinking

Alcohol abuse can cause damage to a person’s mind, body and spirit. Also, it’s not uncommon to see alcohol abuse turn to alcoholism with sustained use.

However, unlike someone suffering from alcoholism, a person with an alcohol abuse problem is able to learn from negative consequences and can change his/her behavior.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependency, is a chronic disease characterized by the consumption of alcohol at a level that interferes with physical and mental health.

Alcoholism is influenced by genetic and environmental factors, and because it’s chronic, alcoholism lasts a lifetime. The key signs of alcoholism include:

  • A strong craving for alcohol
  • Continued use despite repeated physical, psychological, or interpersonal problems
  • The inability to limit drinking

An alcoholic will continue to drink despite serious health, legal, and/or family problems. People with addictions, such as alcoholism, have a chemical dependency that prevents them from changing on their own. Unlike with alcohol abuse, willpower alone isn’t enough to help them overcome their alcohol addiction. This is why so many people with alcohol dependency end up homeless, separated from family, & unemployed. In extreme cases, some alcoholics eventually die.

Over time, alcoholics build up a tolerance for alcohol, meaning they need to consume increased quantities of alcohol in order to feel the same effects. And when they stop drinking, they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, unsteadiness, headaches, nausea and irritability.

In order to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms, an alcoholic tends to continue drinking.


  • Excessive yearning to drink more, losing self-control to feel drunk
  • Stopping alcohol consumption causes withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, fever, agitation, severe confusion etc
  • Abuse of alcohol causes illnesses like liver and kidney diseases and
  • Multiple organ failure


A few factors have stood out as causes of alcoholism:

  • Peer pressure
  • Self-esteem
  • Environment
  • Genes
  • Stress

Treatment at Tulasi Healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare is a group of leading Delhi based alcohol de-addiction centres & psychiatric nursing homes, providing both INPATIENT (treatment of patients residing in our rehabilitation centres) and OUTPATIENT (attending to patients who are not staying in our centres) services.

In order to address the alcohol addiction and associated problems, we have a proficient and highly skilled team of psychiatrists, counselors and psychologists. The rehabilitation centre is outfitted with well-trained nurses and doctors to take good care of the patients while also monitoring their recovery.

Medical Treatment

Both Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse require medication to be effectively treated.  Various medicines can be recommended for patients diagnosed with severe alcoholism. medicines.

Medicines are recommended in accordance with the severity of the drinking problem.


We recommend the following tests to monitor health problems which may have inflicted by excessive drinking:

  • Liver Function Test
  • Blood Alcohol level
  • Blood Count

We offer long term psychological care because medicines alone cannot keep the patients away from addiction and relapse.

Counseling is required to motivate, hearten and to reinstate confidence lost due to the drinking addiction. We conduct a plethora of activities and events in our rehabilitation centres such as dancing, singing, painting and interactive games, (both indoors & outdoors).

These help in keeping patients’ minds preoccupied and away from negative thoughts which earlier resulted in the patients getting addicted to alcohol. The gradual improvement is monitored. Yoga and meditation also form part of our residential program, which help the patients control their thoughts, especially when these thoughts result in alcohol cravings.

Family Education

If you or someone you know is struggling with either alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency, the best thing you can do is to get them the help they need. We also provide active family education because it plays a crucial role in helping alcoholic patients recuperate while also preventing relapse.

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