Role of Alcoholic Anonymous in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a worldwide communal support community with the avowed rationale of empowering its associates to “stay abstemious and help other alcoholics achieve abstinence.” AA is an informal, self-sufficient, and apolitical organization. The only condition/requirement to become a member of AA is a desire of becoming sober.

AA was established in Akron, Ohio; during the year 1935, when Bill Wilson, an alcoholic, spoke with Bob Smith, another alcoholic; about a possible way to give up alcohol addiction, given the nature of alcoholism.

In 1939, a book named: “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men

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Drug-induced Psychosis and Heroin Addiction

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Drug-induced Psychosis and Heroin Addiction

Psychosis is a psychological disorder which results in the affected persons construing the events and happenings around them differently and abnormally when compared with the interpretation of the same events & happenings by other mentally stable people.

Drug-induced psychosis, also referred to as ‘stimulant psychosis’, is a psychotic episode which occurs as a result of abuse of stimulants, prescription drugs, alcohol or narcotic drugs, all of which set off a psychotic response.

Psychosis is usually distinguished by symptoms like hallucination or delusion, which are highly surreal feelings. Hallucination implies the strong sensing of occurrences that

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Management of Withdrawal Symptoms during Lockdown

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Management of Withdrawal Symptoms during Lockdown

With more than three billion people around the world living under lockdown, is it likely that many people will turn to addiction while being confined to the four walls of their respective homes?

Before the country-wide, 21-day lockdown being announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, several states had already begun preparations for such a situation. State government officials had already announced a list of essential services which would be active and functional during this lockdown phase. The list includes provision of basic necessities such as food, groceries, medicines, etc. However, the pubs and bars

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms, Causes and Treatments | Tulasi Healthcare

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychological state distinguished by intermittent agitated and dismal episodes, scattered with episodes of comparatively normal mental functioning of the affected individual. The abnormal mood swings usually have an adverse effect on the daily routine of an individual struggling with bipolar disorder.

Mood swings of individuals affected by bipolar disorder can be characterized by feeling excessively ecstatic or short-tempered at one end & feeling miserable and despondent at the other end.

Adolescents are primarily affected by bipolar disorder, but there is a high probability of its onset among children too.

During an episode of hyperactivity,

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Schizophrenia – symptoms, causes and treatments | Tulasi Healthcare


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Schizophrenia is an unceasing, callous, and immobilizing brain disorder that has been known and acknowledged throughout the recorded existence of humans.

Owing to paranoia and skepticism associated with schizophrenia, individuals affected by schizophrenia hear sounds emanating from sources which don’t exist or hear voices which are not audible to normal people. They may also follow their instincts to believe that others are reading and interpreting their minds, remotely controlling their thought processes & even that others are scheming and conspiring to cause harm.

Such incidents are frightening and can cause apprehension, abandonment, or severe anxiety. Individuals who suffer from

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Familiarizing elderly patients (isolated in the wake of the spreading covid) with functionality of digital applications for procurement of groceries and medicines online

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It is high time we took both social recession and social distancing caused by the spread of covid gravely.

Though quick execution of social distancing is essential to assuage the cumulative effect of coronavirus disease and its dissemination across almost all across the world and also to prevent the current pandemic from worsening, just as this fallout threatens to be the reason behind an economic recession, it may well even cause a social recession, i.e., a cave in among socially active contacts of affected individuals. This shall predominantly affect the population most vulnerable to isolation and loneliness: older adults, old

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Precautions to be taken for preventing the onset &/or dispersal of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): precautions


There is currently no antivirus or vaccine to counter or treat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The best way to prevent this ailment is to avoid being exposed to this virus by imbibing the following habits into everyday life:

  • Refrain from going near individuals who have contracted the virus
  • Avoid touching stray animals
  • If you are feeling feverish or are experiencing any of the symptoms of the coronavirus induced disease, confine yourself within the four walls of your house and seek treatment remotely from home.
  • Wipe your nasal discharge/phlegm with tissues and discard the used tissues immediately.
  • Disinfect
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Role of Family during Rehabilitation of Relatives Suffering from Mental Illness

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Dependence on substances has adverse effects on all facets of life. Addiction to substances such as alcohol and tobacco has detrimental effects on both psychosocial and physical health, which in turn can lead to major mental health concerns and even mental disorders. Further consequences may include difficulty in decision making, quitting a job, severing ties with close relatives and family members, etc. which leads to long-term repercussions.

A habit of abusing substance(s) links intensely to all spheres of a person’s life. This is one reason why dependence on substance(s) can be hard to overcome without assistance.

While undergoing treatment, in

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Importance of Mental Wellbeing in the Corporate

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Most offices and organizations operate a multitude of projects all through the year, which focus on increasing wakefulness and confer the significance of fitness and wellbeing while working a job. It’s evenly significant to provide a platform for your organization to engage in activities, education and discussion surrounding the importance of mental health within the workplace as well. This will encourage people in your workplace to maximize their health potential, build resilience and improve recovery from mental health issues in the long term.

Mental health and work function two-ways-one, symptoms of any mental illness seem to effect an individual’s functioning

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Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms at Mental Hospital

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Alcohol withdrawal is commonly witnessed in mental hospitals. A major part of referrals received by consultation-liaison psychiatrists comprise of alcohol withdrawal cases in general hospital settings. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a clinical diagnosis and varies from person to person. Complex alcohol withdrawal symptoms present themselves as seizures, hallucinations or delirium tremens. It has been established that Benzodiazepines have had the best effect during treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, followed by anticonvulsants.

Alcohol dependence is an alcohol-abuse-disarray and it may first be apparent when a person develops withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol consumption – either because of peer or family interference,

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