How to Tell if Your Child is Addicted to Substance(s)

While there are many books and articles based on how to raise your kids, only a few work well and it’s all boils down to hit and trial.

Government-sponsored drug education programs tend to be weak. It is therefore important to watch for the common signs of drug use in kids.

Possession of the drug is a giveaway. While marijuana is fairly distinctive, how do you tell whether a pill has been prescribed or not? The Internet is usually a good resource. Look for the symbol on the pill. Something marked OP will likely be Oxy Contin, for example.

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Cluster A Personality Disorder

Difference-Between-Mood-Disorders-and-Personality-Disorders_Personality-DisordersPersonality is a unique characteristic that underlies within an individual, that helps to think, feel, and behave according to the demands of particular situation.

Individual’s reaction towards particular environmental incidents can be varied per individual. So this means that there are different types of personalities  and there is also a possibility to show more than one features of that personality in an individual.

But sometimes we have also noticed an odd way of behaving , which is not an usual thing to  society. This odd behavior indicates some deviation in personality, which is termed as personality disorders.

Personality disorders

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 What is delusional disorder?          

Delusion is a strong fixed false belief which did not have any relation with delusional disorder sufferer’s educational and cultural background.

Delusions can also present in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorder. But delusional disorders are quiet different from delusions. Because in delusional disorder, the beliefs are non bizarre, that means the beliefs hold by the patient can occur in real life such as being followed, poisoned, infected etc. Moreover, patient with delusional disorder less experience hallucinations and most probably they experience olfactory hallucination (to smell something that is not experienced by others) and tactile hallucination (patient

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SCHIZOPHRENIASchizophrenia is a mental disorder in which there is a gross disturbance of reality and distorted thought processes. Delusions and Hallucinations are the main symptoms which are called positive symptoms of schizophrenia along with symptoms of decreased speech, lack of emotions, and a withdrawal from society , are called the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.
Coping with these symptoms is a difficult challenge and to be able to function properly on a day to day basis and maintain a quality life may seem impossible. But there are strategies on helping a person cope with having schizophrenia and lessen the severity of

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Relationship between Parenting and Mental illness

Miss A was admitted to Tulasi Rehab with the chief complaints of self talking, hearing voices, mood swings, aggressive and violent behaviour, decreased sleep and appetite and suspicious towards parents. when she came, she was shouting loudly ”My parents are devils, they are my enemies. I don’t want to live with them”.

Why was she saying this?

Let’s go through this story…

Once upon a time , there was a beautiful girl, Named miss A. she was caring, responsible, affectionate, creative and good in studies. she had two sisters and one brother. Everything was going smoothly in her life except

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Challenges After Initial Psychiatric Treatment

I’m in treatment from Dr gorav Gupta  for 6 years after spiraling down into deep psychosis detected at a late stage.He had to come and rescue  me from a police station where I was creating a ruckus, it’s been 6 years in treatment for severe depression, bipolar and post trauma therapies under Dr gorav.

To be honest with you I feel I have just crossed the first barrier not because I have participated in my treatment , but because the level of improvement I have noticed in my life. I’m sure with continued support treatment and healthy engagement with therapies

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Naltrexone: An Opiod Antagonist

Naltrexone is a drug used as a complete treatment solution for drug abuse and alcoholism. Naltrexone and recovery choices makes an excellent combination to fight addiction. It belongs to a class of drugs known as opiate antagonists. It is available under the names of Revia, Vivitrol and Depia.

Naltrexone blocks the parts of the brain that “feel” pleasure after drinking or drug abuse. Slowly it reduces the desire of drinking or drug abuse. The drug should be taken according to the advice of a doctor otherwise it may cause withdrawal symptoms and side effects.
The medicine can be taken

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This is  story of Mr. A, he was brought to Tulasi, with the chief complaints of aggressive, violent behavior, suicidal and homicidal ideas, sleep disturbance, suspiciousness and spending many hours a day counting and  taking tablets, doubting and checking doors , windows if they were closed, gas cylinders and lights were off.

When he came to Tulasi, he was looking very calm, but it was the lull before the storm. As soon as he entered the premises, he attacked the doctor and injured him badly. It was a herculean task to control him. He was given sedation then only he

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What happens when you are not accident prone?

Or for that matter careless.

And yet, somewhere, somehow, you manage to get into the stickiest of situations. Why? The reason – your addiction.
Consider this for example. I have a friend called Hitesh. Hitesh goes to a party. Before he leaves his home, he decides to have a couple (which turn out to be a couple of doubles). He then commences to drive. He gets into his car and while reversing it nicks the bumper against the opposite wall. He then zooms away to the party.
The party is on in

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How to Deal with Behavioural Problems in Teenagers?

The onset of adolescence varies from teenager to teenager. Teen years are exciting phase of life but not all teens have an easy time. They have fluctuating hormones and may be overeager to experiment and push boundaries. The physical and emotional maturity brings dramatic changes in behaviour which could be a matter of conflict or distress between parents and teenagers.

Signs & Symptoms

It is hard to draw the line between normal teenage behaviour and behaviour problems. Parents need to pay attention to their growing children’s overall behaviour ranging from social activities, educational performance to self-development. The normal signs of

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