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What happens when you are not accident prone?

Or for that matter careless.

And yet, somewhere, somehow, you manage to get into the stickiest of situations. Why? The reason – your addiction.
Consider this for example. I have a friend called Hitesh. Hitesh goes to a party. Before he leaves his home, he decides to have a couple (which turn out to be a couple of doubles). He then commences to drive. He gets into his car and while reversing it nicks the bumper against the opposite wall. He then zooms away to the party.
The party is on in

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How to Deal with Behavioural Problems in Teenagers?

The onset of adolescence varies from teenager to teenager. Teen years are exciting phase of life but not all teens have an easy time. They have fluctuating hormones and may be overeager to experiment and push boundaries. The physical and emotional maturity brings dramatic changes in behaviour which could be a matter of conflict or distress between parents and teenagers.

Signs & Symptoms

It is hard to draw the line between normal teenage behaviour and behaviour problems. Parents need to pay attention to their growing children’s overall behaviour ranging from social activities, educational performance to self-development. The normal signs of

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Clozapine is an atypical antipsychotic which is a newer generation antipsychotic. This drug is used to restore the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain namely dopamine levels, the imbalance of which is known to cause many psychiatric disorders, namely treatment resistant schizophrenia, refractive bipolar illness, dysphoric mania and rapid cycling mania.

Clozapine has many benefits in treating such disorders. It is known to have an improvement on verbal efficacy thus by improve the ability to generate words which is a common symptom (negative symptom) in schizophrenia that is poverty of speech. It is also known to decrease the rate of

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