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Challenges After Initial Psychiatric Treatment

I’m in treatment from Dr gorav Gupta  for 6 years after spiraling down into deep psychosis detected at a late stage.He had to come and rescue  me from a police station where I was creating a ruckus, it’s been 6 years in treatment for severe depression, bipolar and post trauma therapies under Dr gorav.

To be honest with you I feel I have just crossed the first barrier not because I have participated in my treatment , but because the level of improvement I have noticed in my life. I’m sure with continued support treatment and healthy engagement with therapies

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Naltrexone: An Opiod Antagonist

Naltrexone is a drug used as a complete treatment solution for drug abuse and alcoholism. Naltrexone and recovery choices makes an excellent combination to fight addiction. It belongs to a class of drugs known as opiate antagonists. It is available under the names of Revia, Vivitrol and Depia.

Naltrexone blocks the parts of the brain that “feel” pleasure after drinking or drug abuse. Slowly it reduces the desire of drinking or drug abuse. The drug should be taken according to the advice of a doctor otherwise it may cause withdrawal symptoms and side effects.
The medicine can be taken

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This is  story of Mr. A, he was brought to Tulasi, with the chief complaints of aggressive, violent behavior, suicidal and homicidal ideas, sleep disturbance, suspiciousness and spending many hours a day counting and  taking tablets, doubting and checking doors , windows if they were closed, gas cylinders and lights were off.

When he came to Tulasi, he was looking very calm, but it was the lull before the storm. As soon as he entered the premises, he attacked the doctor and injured him badly. It was a herculean task to control him. He was given sedation then only he

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