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Crypto-currency Gambling Addiction

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For an enhanced comprehension of the facets of crypto-currency gambling, let’s first understand the basics of crypto-currency.

Crypto-currency fundamentally is digital money stored online, cosseted by algorithms. Contemporarily, the most renowned crypto-currency is Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are other alternatives for those who would prefer using something a little less popular.

Crypto-currency is to a large extent, unregulated by governmental bodies and isn’t controlled by a central authority, which makes it an appealing concept for people who are put off by the time it takes for monetary transactions to be validated by banks or other such governing

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Treatment of P.T.S.D.

PTSD tulasi healthcare



“Having been appropriately established that she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at age 32, it occurred to Ms. X that all facets of her personal and professional lives had been grossly affected by this mental illness. In her case, PTSD was a result of a plethora of adverse experiences, one of them being sexual abuse at knifepoint. Post that incident, there was no secure space left for her, which she could call safe haven, not even her own house. Back then, after this incident had transpired, she had filed a report at a police station in

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Body Shaming Among Teens

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Body Shaming Among Teens

“When I turned 8, my paternal Uncle told me during my birthday celebration get-together that my mom must have fed me yak milk as a baby because I was ‘fat’. My mom, who had overheard the conversation, put me on a diet 3 years later. I remember all ingredients of that diet luridly & can’t even imagine eating any of them now”, says Mr. X.

Mr. X knows the sting of body shaming. He has been criticized since his days in elementary school for all of his bodily features ranging from body weight to hair-type, eye-pupil-color,

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Patient Safety in Mental Hospitals located in Delhi

Patient Safety in Mental Hospitals

psychiatric hospital in delhi

In spite of the rising global awareness about patient security, there has been a lack of its application in mental health hospitals located in Delhi.

Safety of patients residing in mental hospitals refers to the deterrence of injury or damage caused to the physical or mental health of the patients as a result of violence or other forms of aggression while they are receiving mental healthcare services. This also includes and is not limited to happenings like errors made during treatment and mishaps that ensue during residence of patients in mental hospitals. Of late, the

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Treatment of Marijuana-induced Psychosis at Rehabilitation Centres

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Psychosis which occurs as a result of cannabis’ usage is the most common form of substance -induced psychosis. Cannabis is used more frequently than most of the other drugs. Even when adjusted for usage levels, cannabis’ products are more likely to cause psychotic symptoms than any other substance.

Psychotic episodes are perplexing for those who experience them and shocking for their loved ones. The symptoms include:

  • Delusion. feelings of ostentation and invincibility are common
  • Hallucinations: hearing sounds or voices, a condition termed as auditory hallucination is a common symptom and visual hallucination may be a symptom too.
  • Depersonalization
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