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Schizophrenia – symptoms, causes and treatments | Tulasi Healthcare


schizophrenia delhi

Schizophrenia is an unceasing, callous, and immobilizing brain disorder that has been known and acknowledged throughout the recorded existence of humans.

Owing to paranoia and skepticism associated with schizophrenia, individuals affected by schizophrenia hear sounds emanating from sources which don’t exist or hear voices which are not audible to normal people. They may also follow their instincts to believe that others are reading and interpreting their minds, remotely controlling their thought processes & even that others are scheming and conspiring to cause harm.

Such incidents are frightening and can cause apprehension, abandonment, or severe anxiety. Individuals who suffer from

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Familiarizing elderly patients (isolated in the wake of the spreading covid) with functionality of digital applications for procurement of groceries and medicines online

grocery online

It is high time we took both social recession and social distancing caused by the spread of covid gravely.

Though quick execution of social distancing is essential to assuage the cumulative effect of coronavirus disease and its dissemination across almost all across the world and also to prevent the current pandemic from worsening, just as this fallout threatens to be the reason behind an economic recession, it may well even cause a social recession, i.e., a cave in among socially active contacts of affected individuals. This shall predominantly affect the population most vulnerable to isolation and loneliness: older adults, old

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Precautions to be taken for preventing the onset &/or dispersal of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): precautions


There is currently no antivirus or vaccine to counter or treat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The best way to prevent this ailment is to avoid being exposed to this virus by imbibing the following habits into everyday life:

  • Refrain from going near individuals who have contracted the virus
  • Avoid touching stray animals
  • If you are feeling feverish or are experiencing any of the symptoms of the coronavirus induced disease, confine yourself within the four walls of your house and seek treatment remotely from home.
  • Wipe your nasal discharge/phlegm with tissues and discard the used tissues immediately.
  • Disinfect
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