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Increased Digital Addiction Among Children

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The amount of time which children spend looking at screens of electronic devices like cell-phones and personal computers (also referred to as ‘screen time’) is directly proportional to the damage inflicted on their brains’ functioning and structures. Excessive exposure to screens of gadgets leads to shrinkage of children’s brain structure as such children are addicted to these gadgets and do not interact with humans enough, human interaction being a requisite for complete brain development.

Research conducted on children while they were playing video games and most such studies & experiments; substantiate the fact that dopamine is released during gaming sessions

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OCD among children

ocd in children

A child may have been struggling with an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) when unsolicited thoughts, and the actions which result from such thoughts, happen often, take up a lot of time (usually more than an hour everyday), obstruct her/his routine of activities, or make her/him feel distressed. Such unwelcome thoughts are called obsessions & the resultant behaviours are called compulsions.

Such a child (suffering from OCD) sporadically has thoughts that bother her/him, and she/he may also contemplate doing something about such thoughts in order to tackle them, even if it calls for acting illogically. For a few children, the beliefs and

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