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Understanding Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people lose the ability to interpret reality in a normal way. It is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel and behave normally. Schizophrenia usually results in a combination of delusions, hallucinations, and mental disorientation that impairs thinking and behavior, this affects day to day functioning, and can be disabling.


Schizophrenia is named from the Greek words ‘schizein’ and ‘phren’ which mean ‘to split’ and ‘mind’, respectively. The early definition of schizophrenia literally translated to ‘the fragmentation of psychological functioning’. Hence, for schizophrenics, ‘the personality loses its

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Importance of Mental Health

mental health

Mental health consists of our emotional, psychological, and socio-economic well-being. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by it. It determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

The importance of Mental health is visible at every stage of life, starting from childhood to adolescence and right through adulthood.

There are indicators that measure living conditions like housing and employment but they fail to measure what people think and feel about their lives and the quality of their relationships.

How people view their emotions and rate their resilience, whether they are being able to realize their potential,

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A Casual Drinker who Needed to Quit.

addiction treatment

Q. What was your substance of abuse. How and when did you start?

A. Never tried any kind of drugs other than alcohol which I started in 2010 at 20 years of age. The occasion was my brother’s wedding and I had a couple of beers.

Q. Describe your childhood. Diid you have any kind of trauma or face any kind of stressful situations?

A. I had a normal childhood. I was an above average student (scoring around 70%) and graduated in a BBA course in 2018 via correspondence.

Q. Reasons for getting into addiction. How did it start?


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Best Psychiatric Hospital in Delhi and Gurgaon

tulasi healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare is one of the top private psychiatric hospitals in North India located in Delhi and Gurgaon. We have an excellent track record of providing quality healthcare services for the past 20 plus years.

Our new facility, inaugurated in November 2020, has been spaciously built with state-of-the-art technology, keeping in mind the welfare of the patients. It has a capacity of 100 beds, recreational facilities like gym, sports hall for badminton and cricket, pool, billiards and table tennis tables along with a sports and yoga instructor.

We provide individualized treatment to each and every patient. They are supported by

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A New Beginning – The Story of My Journey of Recovery

addiction recovery

It usually starts with legal intoxicants like cigarettes and alcohol, the oft cited “Gateway drugs” in which some tend to include marijuana as well. Mine is a similar story, experimenting initially with the “legal” drugs it wasn’t long before I started meddling with the “illegal” and “hard” drugs ranging from prescription medication, cannabis and opiates to hallucinogens like LSD.

The start was out of curiosity, to try and feel the various “highs” each different drug had to offer, the journey saw me dabbling with “party” drugs like mdma and meth and even “designer” drugs like 2CB. Eventually, before one realises

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Increased Digital Addiction Among Children

child psychiatry hospital

The amount of time which children spend looking at screens of electronic devices like cell-phones and personal computers (also referred to as ‘screen time’) is directly proportional to the damage inflicted on their brains’ functioning and structures. Excessive exposure to screens of gadgets leads to shrinkage of children’s brain structure as such children are addicted to these gadgets and do not interact with humans enough, human interaction being a requisite for complete brain development.

Research conducted on children while they were playing video games and most such studies & experiments; substantiate the fact that dopamine is released during gaming sessions

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OCD among children

ocd in children

A child may have been struggling with an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) when unsolicited thoughts, and the actions which result from such thoughts, happen often, take up a lot of time (usually more than an hour everyday), obstruct her/his routine of activities, or make her/him feel distressed. Such unwelcome thoughts are called obsessions & the resultant behaviours are called compulsions.

Such a child (suffering from OCD) sporadically has thoughts that bother her/him, and she/he may also contemplate doing something about such thoughts in order to tackle them, even if it calls for acting illogically. For a few children, the beliefs and

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World Mental Health Day – 10th October

mental health hospital

Mental Health and Its Importance

A lot of people today are under stress due to the covid-19 pandemic across India and the world. Job loss, pay cuts, uncertainty about future, work-from-home for long hours, being confined at home for months have made their situation worse.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, it is of paramount importance to highlight the importance of mental health issues like stress and how it can take a heavy toll on a person’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. Left untreated, it can also lead to more serious mental health problems as well as

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Susceptibility (risk) factors for in-patient violence at psychiatric hospitals

psychiatric hospital in delhi

The assessment and management of risk and susceptibility of violence in the patients with mental disorders residing in psychiatric hospitals have been extensively debated over the past many years. Some mental disorders and a few specific genetic factors have proven to modify the risk associated with violence. Skills for precise evaluation and management of risks are essential for psychiatrists and other clinicians involved in the treatment of mental disorders, to prevent undesirable results. Historically, risk assessment has been conducted basis the evaluators’ clinical impressions.

Despite the recent development and breakthroughs in the field of risk assessment, there has been a

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Patient assaults among staff members of Mental Health Hospitals

drug rehabilitation in delhi

Patients physically assaulting the staff at mental hospitals where they are admit, which results in minor/ severe injuries or even deaths is alarmingly prevalent in the current scenario, especially in IPD settings (such as in mental hospitals).

Paramedical staffs, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors face manifold types of antagonism, violence, and beating at work, collectively referred to as workplace violence, which usually is sparked off by patients. Whether workplace violence negatively affects staff well-being may be related not only to its presence, but also to a person’s pressure reactivity. The creation of a healing environment is a vital goal for

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