Borderline Personality Disorder- Part I

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment in Psychiatric Hospital

Ms D was a 25 years old attractive young woman who entered into the Psychiatric Hospital with her mother to deal with chronic self-harming behavior, insecurity and unhappiness. She had tendency to get involved with disappointing and unsuitable men, and she would idealize them in terms of their looks and financial status. After few dates with guys, she used to fantasize each guy as her ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘The Perfect One’ whom she was waiting for.

The pattern of reaction was the same each time. She used to get insecure in all her affairs, felt chronic emptiness, kept a check on her partner(s) and expected them to be by her whenever she wanted. She often threatened to self-harm herself if they tried to leave. Whenever they left, she explained and reacted, that he was a loser that’s why he left, she always used to cut herself, one can make out by seeing hesitation marks on her hands that she again had a ‘break-up’, however she used to become normal as soon as she used to meet another guy, and again the same pattern was repeated. She often used to get into impulsive behavior such as having unprotected sex on the name of ‘true love’ and getting overtly emotional after getting drunk, where she used to call her exes and cry that why had they left her.

Day by day it was creating a lot of issues in her life as well as her parents’ life, she used to blame them quite often for no reason, they didn’t know how to deal with her, because she had all these traits since her teenage so they thought it was her normal reaction to the event. However they didn’t know that there was something very serious coming up. She couldn’t hold up any job for longer period because of her low self-esteem and poor coping skills, this made her more vulnerable.

One fine day she came home crying and in anger, she went in her room and impulsively started cutting her wrist, her mother heard her crying, she rushed in the room, she was horrified on seeing her daughter in a pool of blood. Yes, by mistake, Ms D had slit her wrist; she was lying on the floor unconscious. Her parents rushed her to the hospital; however, after giving her the primary treatment, they referred her to the Psychiatric Hospital for rehabilitation. She got admitted there. Her parents never thought that their daughter would end up in a Psychiatric Hospital, they were clueless and horrified. The patient had been assigned to the team of therapist and Psychiatrist. The primary therapist took the history and psycho-educated them about the current situation. So, you must be thinking… What happened to Ms D? Was she truly a drama queen? Had she been doing it just to seek attention? Why did her relationships end? What was that extreme behavior? Was admission in Psychiatric Hospital necessary? Did she actually need rehabilitation?

To be continued……..

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