Challenges After Initial Psychiatric Treatment

I’m in treatment from Dr gorav Gupta  for 6 years after spiraling down into deep psychosis detected at a late stage.He had to come and rescue  me from a police station where I was creating a ruckus, it’s been 6 years in treatment for severe depression, bipolar and post trauma therapies under Dr gorav.

To be honest with you I feel I have just crossed the first barrier not because I have participated in my treatment , but because the level of improvement I have noticed in my life. I’m sure with continued support treatment and healthy engagement with therapies life can be like the best  I have.

See….the way I look at it psychiatrist also are brain surgeons.but they operate in a manner I can feel but not explain.The point being, they must have a basic functional brain before they can start removing viruses from the soft ware…..just a thought.

My home is a happy place now. I can afford myself. I’m losing weight and being able to consistently exercise,I understand love, I am better at understanding my thought processes, I create good dynamics everyday and that spills into the next. But I must realize that I have needed lot of help to get here and what I have a initial basics in how can I think that because there is a rosy picture right now means  there cannot be major relapses.

So I must understand, that these people are not just professionals but also love people like me. That’s why they chose this field. It takes a lot to handle us, we have been very negative towards treatment especially initially.patience and care and respect for what I am is what I have received under Dr GORAV and his team.

For me after initial recovery came taking charge. understanding what and how much responsibility to take, allowing fresh patterns to germinate,the game of realities, feeling your genes, understanding types of love, making more amends,understanding and working the link between past present and future.creating dynamics that flow and channelize the dreams.

But I am weak not morally, chemically. I must work with my treatment must be truthful to my doctor.I must accept medicines.i must believe that people genuinely has answer to all great independent theories  of evolution and progress.

Yes, If you work hard, they can help you unlock all the doors that you been banging at in the dark.Do your self a favor…stay in treatment.



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