Increased Digital Addiction Among Children


Digital Addiction Among Children

The amount of time which children spend looking at screens of electronic devices like cell-phones and personal computers (also referred to as ‘screen time’) is directly proportional to the damage inflicted on their brains’ functioning and structures. Excessive exposure to screens of gadgets leads to shrinkage of children’s brain structure as such children are addicted to these gadgets and do not interact with humans enough, human interaction being a requisite for complete brain development.

Research conducted on children while they were playing video games and most such studies & experiments; substantiate the fact that dopamine is released during gaming sessions and that the desire to continue gaming after a gaming session ends; is a result of gaming resulting in brain changes. Such desires and cravings to continue gaming in order to play at the next level of difficulty or to cope with stress by escaping reality, are as severe as drug cravings. This leads to digital addiction.

In order to prevent brain impairment and to address the issue of digital addiction, it is advisable to limit the screen time of the child. The parents of such children must immediately seek assistance at Child psychiatry hospitals. If a child in your family is addicted to usage of gadgets like cell-phones & tablets/an electronic device/a gaming console/a personal computer, feel free to connect with our mental health professionals at Tulasi Child Psychiatry Hospital.

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