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Alleviating Healthcare anomalies with best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

rehabilitation centre

Amongst the most coveted social issues in the 21st century, mental health comes as a stark revelation. Many of us have taken the brunt of it, but the stigma that lingers around it makes it a problem less acted upon.

When the mind is the root cause of the persisting issue, it is best to exterminate it from its origin. With Tulasi Healthcare you are in the safe sanctuary of professionals that are present to help you in every manner possible, leveraging every resource. As one of the best institutions that takes a viable and holistic approach towards mental illness, we are sure to make this journey a transformatory one.

Present concerns in the region

With an array of facilities that have developed in the region, there has been an exponential surge in substance abuse cases along with psychological issues that are diagnosed with it. In the delhi region alone the prevalence rate of alcohol abuse amounts to 26.4%, marking adolescents and young individuals one of the highest consumers. With lingering concerns for an out-of-the-box approach, our holistic goal setting approach has brought a significant impact on our client’s well being.

Why consider us as your healthcare partner?

Led by pioneer of psychiatric healthcare Dr. Gorav Gupta, we are one of the largest and best facilities in the Delhi-NCR region. Our ethics and efforts go hand in hand, which were recognized through the Frost and Sullivan’s best practices award in 2020.

Uplifting our spirits, Dr. Gorav Gupta leads you through a journey of making an insightful choice by choosing Tulasi Health Care as your welfare advocate.

Our vision at Tulasi Healthcare

We are first and foremost our client’s well being partners. Our vision extends on the grounds of making our services accessible and approachable by all. When it is about making a choice of transformation, we aim to be the name in the field of psychiatry.

Our holistic and scientific therapy takes the client’s perspective foremost  in every way possible and aims to produce a positive impact into their lives. We promote awareness towards curbing addiction and the stigma that surrounds in seeking help for our loved ones. We provide psychoeducation through multiple channels consistently to garner much needed attention on the topics.

Treatment Modalities at our facility

Constantly working on our approach, we are naturally inclined to make the process of mental rehabilitation easier and positive for our clients and their loved ones in all respects.Our overall approach is bound in these mentioned steps with usual tweaks as needed per case.


  • In-depth consultation and pre-counselling
  • ensure insight development for a speedy recovery.
  • Amplifying rehabilitation through medically assisted detoxification
  • therapeutic approach (12 step therapy)
  • Behavior modification and recovery amplification through Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and other solution focused therapies modified according to the client’s condition and needs.
  • Holistic treatment approaches based on eastern knowledge and skills
  • Psychoeducation to every involved individual to promote awareness
  • Occupational therapy and rehabilitation to enhance skills and introduce a real change into their lives.

Premium services at our sanctuary

Rooted in holistic evaluation, treatment and scientifically backed care options, we provide a wide range of care options with customized stay and care options for our clients.

Psychiatric care center

Among a few centers in the country, Tulasi healthcare stands amongst the top ones that provide in-patients optimal care for problems like bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and other comorbid disorders. Our inpatient care boasts a variety of care options customized for every patient’s needs.

De Addiction care

Our leading de addiction rehabilitation center in Delhi is thoroughly equipped for handling every type of problems that one encounters as an addict. Our mission to provide moral and medical support to overcome the mindset of moral failure is exhibited through our team of experts. We are specialized in dealing with addictions like Marijuana, Alcohol, drug, smoking, cocaine, heroine and digital/ gaming areas.

Rehabilitation services

Our comprehensive approach takes psychological interests in healing addiction issues from the roots. Applying therapeutic interventions that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family therapy to enhance rehabilitation, our mission is to eradicate addiction on a psychological level.

Medical Interventions

Addressing psychiatric concerns can be a matter of in-depth analysis, and our experienced professionals are expertly trained in finding the root causes of these concerns on a physical level. Through Deep TMS and Modified Electroconvulsive therapy, we find the root of issues like Depression and OCD that help prevent comorbid issues as well.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse into old addictive ways is always a possibility, but as a top rehabilitation center in Delhi, we are prepared to handle every alternate scenario that comes with issues like addiction. Our relapse prevention program helps the clients to turn back from their own ways and discover a life that is full of opportunities and a new mindset that comes with it.

Our supportive resources

Rehabilitation is possible anywhere- with any kind of modality.

But why has Tulasi Healthcare been the choice of 50,000+ patients?

Our approach to our treatment plan is beyond the “mainstream” methods of recovery. This is how-

  • We help you rediscover the purpose and meaning of life with meditative and psychotherapeutic methods.
  • Providing the aftercare and familial support needed to stand back on your feet
  • Connecting you with additional resources to provide overall care.
  • Dedicated experts that prioritize your recovery in every manner possible.

Willing to approach a better lifestyle? We’re here to help

If it’s the right time to speed up – and develop the insight you need to set out on your transformative journey, we’re here to help.

The right kind of support comes very rarely.

Our dedicated team is ready to connect with necessary resources to get you started on your rehabilitation journey.



A rehabilitation center like ours can help you deal with problems like substance abuse, addiction issues, depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias, panic disorders, psychiatric illnesses like dementia and medical interventions required for it. We cater to a holistic approach that focuses on an overall resurrection of motivation and transformation in an individual.

With 200+ beds and 100+ experts within the psychiatric care community visiting on an everyday basis, we provide a highly customized inpatient and outpatient flexible treatment program coupled with more than 20+ years of expertise.

This will depend on the kind of issue the client is facing. If the client is facing some issue that is solely treatable at levels of our understanding, the medication can be stopped after some time. In cases that require long term care, the medicine may persist for a lifetime.

Definitely. According to the client’s preferences and needs, we provide the option of inpatient and outpatient treatment modality. This will also depend upon the condition of the client, upon which we will be liable to decide and suggest a mode of treatment.

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