Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centres

Rooting Out Cocaine Addiction

In India, cocaine usage has become a status symbol. Due to its high price tag, it is famous among rich urban elite Indians. Are you aware that tolerance to cocaine addiction develops quickly and has the ability to create the greatest psychological dependence than any other drug?

Without knowing the side effects of cocaine usage or abuse, more and more corporate employees and people in their youth are giving in to cocaine usage and a majority of them are suffering from cocaine addiction.

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What is Cocaine?

There are two forms of cocaine: powdered form that an addict snorts, and crack-cocaine which an addict smokes. It is a highly addictive recreational drug that is either a white crystalline powder or an off-white chunky substance. It is snorted (inhaled through nose), smoked and injected into the bloodstream. The drug greatly affects the nervous system by increasing the hormone & neurotransmitter level that stimulates key pleasure centers in the brain and lead to extremely heightened euphoria. Tolerance to cocaine develops soon and the addict gradually increases the dose to get a similar high.

Symptoms & Risks of Cocaine addiction

Snorting cocaine can cause:
Increasing the dose can cause:
Cocaine dependency can cause:

Cocaine abuse can lead to unpredicted behavioural and value-system-related changes and can be fatal.

The Consequences of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is a stimulant, therefore it causes your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to constrict, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Heart attacks in young addicts without a history of heart disease are so frequently due to cocaine abuse, that emergency room doctors are taught to consider it as one of the first diagnoses.

Cocaine is an important cause of cardiac arrests. Cocaine causes one’s heart to speed up, and in some cases go so fast that it actually stops. What is especially deadly about cocaine is that there is no correlation between how many times one has used cocaine or how much one has used, and when one will suffer a cardiac arrest. Some people die after their first use. Other people who have used cocaine hundreds of times stay alive, and then drop dead the very next time they use cocaine.

As with all drugs, two of the most significant consequences of cocaine addiction are psychological & social deterioration. But with cocaine, they happen faster and harder than with other drugs. If you are a cocaine addict, you don’t have to wonder why you’ve hurt your friends and family.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Tulasi’s Psychiatric Hospital & Rehabilitation Centres are treating a large number of cocaine addicts from India and those from neighbouring countries at a cost-effective price.  A large number of cases, who were treated at Tulasi, are now leading drug-free lives.

Here at Tulasi Healthcare best rehabilitation centre in India, we have effective and tailored treatment plans for cocaine abusers.

A patient is first scrutinized at our rehab centre by a team of experienced psychologists and doctors, who base the analysis and scrutiny derive conclusions about the severity of the addiction.

In accordance with the severity of addiction, outpatient and inpatient treatment options are prescribed for the addict. Medicines are recommended and continuous monitoring of withdrawal symptoms is done.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is initiated to develop skills to stay away from the drug in the long run. Family education is provided to create a positive environment in all aspects for rapid improvement and for relapse prevention.

Laughter therapy, social therapy and Yoga and other holistic approaches are considered during treatment, so as to stabilize the life of addicts.

Don’t procrastinate! In case a family member or someone you know is addicted to cocaine, contact us in order to discuss his/her case.