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At Tulasi Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing world-class mental healthcare for international patients. Whether you are seeking support for addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, Schizophrenia or other mental health concerns, our team is here to guide you towards a path of healing and resilience. From the first interaction to the last onboarding procedures, our staff at Tulasi Healthcare offers you end-to-end support. Processing visas, family lodging, a team of committed doctors and nurses, online consultations, and an individualised treatment plan are some of these offerings. Make an appointment for your initial visit to our international mental health facility, and begin your healing process with us.

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Your Treatment Journey at Tulasi Healthcare: best Psychiatric Hospital in India for International Patients

medical history analysis

Analysis of your Medical History

Our highly qualified medical specialists evaluate your medical history to advise you on the most suitable action plan and organise your treatment journey.

online consultation

Pre-Arrival Consultation

Tulasi Healthcare can help you arrange a telemedicine (video) consultation with a doctor in advance of your trip so that the physician may fully examine you and evaluate your current state of health.

tulasi healthcare international patient service

Care Beyond Travel Arrangements

We provide more than just hospital visits. Tulasi Healthcare Team will set up all of your appointments, local transportation, and hotel reservations as soon as the travel dates are confirmed. If there are any prerequisite tests, those will also be scheduled. So that you can concentrate on your recovery and well-being, let us handle your travel plans. We are excited to assist you.

online consultation

Hassle Free Health Journey

Every stage of your stay at the hospital, including the admission process, medical consultations, treatment, and recovery and discharge, will be accompanied by us. After a successful course of treatment, the doctor will counsel you on aftercare and, if required, follow-up care for the next appointments.

post hospitalization care

Post Hospitalization Care

We organise all of your medical data, help you with all of your post-hospitalization inquiries, and support you during the discharge procedure.

patient care

Tulasi Healthcare Travels Back with You

Once you enter Tulasi Healthcare, you are a part of the Tulasi Healthcare Family. Post-treatment, we help you with online and offline follow ups.

FAQ about International Patients



Yes, we treat international patients. We are equipped to handle the special requirements of such clients.

Tulasi Healthcare is top choice for mental health treatment not just in India but also for countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, UK, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada USA, Europe, Russia, Australia and Singapore.

We provide an entire array of mental health treatments with substance abuse disorders. We also help in procuring visas, transportation, lodging for the attendants, and aftercare discharge.

Yes, international meal plans are available.

Yes, professionals are bilinguals and we can provide interpreters for patients who are unable to understand English.

Yes, we assist you acquiring the medical visas.

Yes, we do international consultation.

Yes, we help in arranging hotel, guest house for international patients.

Yes, multiple payment options like credit card, debit card and internet banking are available.

Yes, interpreters are available

Tulasi Healthcare Best Psychiatric Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre in India


What Our Patient’s Say

A word from patients treated by our mental health professionals.


I'm Alex, diagnosed with schizophrenia in my twenties. Tulasi Healthcare has been my sanctuary. Amidst the fog of confusion, their empathetic team provided a lifeline. Medication, initially met with skepticism, became a stabilizing force, adjusted with care. Therapy sessions were transformative, unraveling the labyrinth of my thoughts. Group therapy forged bonds of shared strength. Tulasi's holistic approach mended strained family ties, making them integral to my recovery. Psychoeducation empowered me with tools to navigate my condition. Setbacks happened, but Tulasi became my anchor. Today, I've found joy in small victories, thanks to Tulasi Healthcare's unwavering support.


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