Internship Opportunities At Tulasi Healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare is a pioneer in the Rehabilitation network, providing holistic treatment modalities in every aspect of psychological, psycho-somatic and psychiatric disorders. Driving our expertise our founder Dr. Gorav Gupta is a psychiatrist with 20+ years of experience in the industry, dealing with a variety of disorders. With our patient centric approach, we’re inclined at providing value to our clients through a variety of staff specializing in specific modalities that provide care in the best manner possible.

Our medicinal treatment along with psychological interventions are focused at tailoring the treatment according to the client’s needs and requirements.

Guidance- at a glance

During the internship program, the trainees will be exposed to the following aspects-

  • Focused on helping the trainees grasp a practical understanding on the ethics of clinical psychology and management practices.
  • Hands-on training with a mentor providing in-depth training in History taking, Mental Status Examination (MSE), differential diagnosis of a variety of disorders and related outcomes.
  • Exposure to psychometric testing modalities with diagnostic procedures and management planning.
  • Imparting knowledge of holistic care systems and therapeutic modalities required to handle clients.
  • Understand different theoretical concepts through real life examples and provide insight to develop a skill set.
  • In-depth analysis and testing of concepts by the mentor to enhance problem-solving experience.
  • Work and conceptualize biopsychosocial aspects of intervention.
  • Develop empathy, reflection and interpersonal skills..

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should be pursuing masters in clinical psychology and have knowledge of basic concepts of the field.

The students should be well-versed in concepts and active communication practices.

Current Intake

The current intake is limited to 10 students in the facility, which is strictly based on the students application timeline and eligibility.

Training Period

The training period for this internship is 1 month. (On-site)

Post-Internship Skill Development Expectations

  • Get a keen insight on diagnostic criteria, treatment options and theoretical concepts and their flexibility in application.
  • Building rapport and trusting relationships with clients during the treatment process.
  • Smooth transition as a practitioner from a classroom setting.
  • Gain professional ties and ample exposure of clinical setting
  • Have a positive attitude, reflective mindset and problem-solving approach in crisis situations.
  • Develop a hefty skill set needed for practicing in a clinical setting.

Exposure Opportunities

The activities and tasks from the intern’s end during the guidance will entail the following-

  • Observe and learn, develop insight during individual and family counseling sessions
  • Actively participating in everyday client evaluation with psychiatrists, psychologists & social workers.
  • Case work ups and detailed discussion sessions with the mentors.
  • Prepare case presentations and follow-ups
  • Document and arrange tasks as dictated by the mentors
  • Discuss modalities with the mentors and provide a unique insight into treatment methods

Rules & Regulations

  • The internship will be allotted on a first come and first serve basis after the selection procedure is complete.
  • Interns must provide documents of enrollment in the current course and a signed letter from college authorities stating intentions of pursuing internship in our facility.
  • Fluency in Hindi and English is must
  • The applicants must finalize their start and end date in such a manner that they are able to accommodate maximum hours without any distactive reasons. Sick leaves will be an exception.
  • Interns must be able to maintain confidentiality and uphold the ethics of our fraternity by not disclosing sensitive information about the patients to others.
  • The documents shared with the interns are non-disclosable in nature.
  • The interns must be in regular touch with their mentors and submit a daily log of their activities in a prescribed format.
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients is a must. Any kind of self-disclosure is non-permissible.
  • Every client should be respected and treated with equanimity.
  • Professional dress-code to be maintained at all times.

Deliverables post-internship

The interns will receive a letter of recommendation which will mention the hours completed during the internship. The letter will also constitute the skill sets developed and the overall performance during the training.

The interns will also receive basic resources from our end to help them boost their career trajectory and learning.

Application Procedure

The applicants can visit our website and submit the required details through our form. When shortlisted, all the details will be communicated further through our team.