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Rehabilitation can be quite a rocky road- full of denials and insights about ourselves and our will power, shall we choose to look upon them. It is not easy to come off the path of substance abuse- especially without the support of our loved ones. It is necessary to show them the right direction on which they can follow and build a life full of positivity, productivity and well being.

As one of the best rehab centers, Tulasi Healthcare is all about promoting overall well being through holistic ways.

Why consider a rehab centre in Rohtak?

There are many reasons why substance abuse occurs and can affect the life of others in its wake. There can be several reason when you should approach a rehabilitation centre in Rohtak at the earliest-

  • Disturbed family relationships- Strained family relationships result from constant use of substances that disturb the peace and rhythm of family life and the social conduct of the members.
  • Abuse and Violence- Violence is a very common after effect of substance misuse. Since the person loses their rational consciousness, there is always a probability for them to engage in abuse and violence to get things done their way.
  • Problems in functioning- Individuals who are well into substance abuse face a very common problem- issue in functioning and completing their daily tasks.
  • Health problems- Health issues are a common problem in substance abuse clients. Since these compounds are very harmful, they alter the body chemistry and produce toxins in the body that lead to cardiovascular issues and multiple organ problems, including brain damage in severe cases.
  • Reduced confidence and opportunities- When people are unable to function properly, they lose out on opportunities in life for self-growth, that leads them to suffer economically as well as socially.

Factors responsible for growing drug addiction

There is always a looming question of why certain people are highly affected by substance addiction and others are not. As a responsible rehab center, psychoeducation about the factors responsible for alleviating the drug addiction is must for clients as well as their caregivers. These crucial factors are listed here-

  • Biological factors- Genetic vulnerabilities are a big factor that influence the development of substance abuse and related disorders. Ethnic vulnerability, gender and presence of previous mental disorders also play a major role.
  • Environmental factors- There can be many activities that trigger the use of illegal substances- abuse, loss of a loved one, misguidance due to disturbed familial environment prolonged stress are some examples.
  • Developmental factors- These factors are especially responsible in the case of young adults, since they are still developing their levels of cognition, thinking and memory. Such substances can slow down their growth, rendering them unable to function properly.

Services at our mental healthcare facility in Rohtak

As one of the best mental hospitals in Rohtak, we proudly present our dynamic service regimen that can prove to be of extreme advantage for treatment seekers facing multiple issues.Under the guidance of Dr. Gorav Gupta, our team is highly skilled  in providing these treatments.

Psychiatric care centre

We stand as one of the few best rehabilitation centre in Rohtak that has proved its mettle with the most exclusive care plans and follow up regime for disorders like bipolar spectrum disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and many other comorbidly occurring issues. We boast a plethora of treatment regimens that are personalized for every client. Truly focused on rehabilitation in every sense, we take pride in our state of the art facility.

De Addiction care

As one of the best de addiction rehabilitation centre in Rohtak, Tulasi Healthcare is on the call 24*7 for handling any and every case that emerges due to addiction. Our plan is to build a support system to strengthen moral and ethical fronts and  overcome the mindset of failure. We exhibit our experience through our expanded workforce of highly trained professionals. Our facility is focused on dealing with addictive substances like Marijuana, Alcohol, drug, tobacco, cocaine, heroine and digital/ gaming addictions.

Rehabilitation services

Addictive issues reside at the core of a person’ psyche and need to be resolved through extensive psychiatric and psychological interventions, which is only possible with an experienced caregiver.. At Tulasi Health Care, we present  the clients with best rehabilitation support, family and group counseling sessions to generate well being.

Medical Interventions

Medical intervention is necessary to remove the cause of the disorder from its root and prevent further complications. We harness state of the art procedures like Deep TMS, Electroconvulsive therapy and Deep Brain Stimulation to inspect the crux of issues like Depression and OCD. These are highly helpful  in preventing comorbid conditions.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a condition where the addictive ways which were once settled through rehabilitation emerge again due to a maladaptive lifestyle. As a top rehabilitation center in Rohtak, we make sure that our clients are always aided and supported from time to time to overcome any chances of relapse. Our relapse prevention program guides the client to find their way back to an acceptable lifestyle and live a life that is full of positivity and well being.

Seeking assistance? We’re here to help.

Rehabilitation can be a tedious process without proper guidance. It is very essential to search for the right caregiver, since they will shape the upcoming life path and emotional decisions of the client. Under the careful eye of Dr. Gorav Gupta, you can be assured to receive the best of care available as we are one of the best rehabilitation centers in Rohtak. To know more and start your rehabilitation journey, visit us on



People who have lost functioning in their daily lives due to substance abuse or any mental or physical disorders require rehabilitation. We at Tulasi Healthcare focus on mental rehabilitation to restore daily functioning with occupational abilities and counseling facilities.

It is suggested to seek rehabilitation if you feel that you are unable to work, provide support to your family and oneself and use your finances extremely to fund your substance abuse.

The most important part of rehabilitation is recovery from the detoxification stage. It is the most crucial stage of the rehab journey. It has a lot of physiological and psychological implications that one has to overcome to facilitate the upcoming journey.

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