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A balanced life is a must, and enduring problems is just another part of it. But when self inflicted pain comes to light, it is not always easy to accept it. Substance abuse is one of those self inflicted issues that is chronic in nature and is very hard to manage. At Tulasi Healthcare, we are inclined to restore the balance in your life and guide you towards the positive transformation of your life with the best holistic and psychopharmacological management strategies.

Factors responsible for growing drug addiction

rehabilitation centre in sirsa

Multiple factors are responsible for the problems to surface. There are many situational and predispositional factors that play a part in converting maladaptive habits to abuse. Most cases range within a combination of these. These crucial points are listed here-

  • Biological factors- Genetic predispositions are highly responsible for developing substance abuse and its related disorders. Ethnic factors, gender vulnerability and presence of mental disorders also weigh in significantly.
  • Environmental factors- Different situations within the family and society along with a disturbed interpersonal environment also triggers substance abuse- physical/verbal abuse, loss of a loved one, prolonged stress are some examples.
  • Developmental factors- Cognition, thinking and memory develop during the early years. Young adults tend to tamper with such substances usually when they are curious, meddling with their development that paves way to addiction.

Why do people consume drugs- even after knowing its consequences?

It has often been a question- why can’t I control myself OR why can’t you control yourself?

It is not just about the surge of happiness that these substances provide the users, but also the dependency that comes with it. The brain’s reward center is highly impacted by the surge of these substances in the body. It releases dopamine, which fills the mind with pleasure. Thus, the motivation to repeatedly perform these pleasure giving acts sets in, leading to addiction.

With time, small rushes of dopamine don’t affect the body since the body is used to a higher dosage. So, the use of the substance only grows with time, until intervention.

This is where rehab centers come into place. Through the detoxification process, this ‘dependency’ is removed with medications and a 12-step rehabilitation process that is necessary to transform the individual. As one of the best rehabilitation centre in Sirsa, we are proud to be home to 100+ mental health experts and 2,00,000+ satisfied patients.

Why should Tulasi Health Care be your choice of recovery journey

  • Exclusively crafted expertise- Our experts are your guiding light into the rehabilitation journey, to help you in any given moment of time. We understand that every individual has a history, journey and a path of their own, and every client who approaches us is a new experience that requires the best care possible. Our rehabilitation centre in Sirsa is laced with such unparalleled minds that are sure to make your recovery journey comfortable and transformative.
  • Holistic Approach towards addiction- Our treatment programs are holistic in nature- taking care of every aspect of a client’s personality and wellbeing. We surely do focus on rehabilitating the individual back to their health, but also on transforming them in every manner. We target the social, emotional and occupational levels to reinstate the client to function at their best.
  • Supportive environment and aftercare- The journey of rehabilitation is a rigorous one. It requires transformation in every manner. It is not just a program, but more than that. We at Tulasi health care put our focus on building support, trust and willingness in oneself  and learning to become the best version of yourselves again. It is a second chance at life, and we respect your willingness and rigor to embark and continue this journey at your best capacity. Our aftercare programs are meant to  provide the necessary support, education and help that is needed to continue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Community reintegration- reintegration into the society is a challenge for many clients post rehab. Empowering the clients with skills that are necessary to survive in the community and draw benefits to sustain life are necessary to teach. Clients are seldom lost in their own well being when they are in rehabilitation and this is where our community programs are a leisurely yet a strong way to help them get back on their path to success along with their recovery.

Our approach to mental wellness

Clients need a very strong support system while stepping into such a journey. Their physical wellness alone is not enough- a mental and thoughtful transformation is needed for the rehabilitation to succeed. When we approach our journey, it is beyond the “mainstream” methods. This is how-

  • Rediscover the purpose  of life with psychotherapeutic & holistic methods, and find meaning in positive acts.
  • psychoeducation and aftercare for constructing a personal support system that one needs to reintroduce themselves back in the society
  • additional resources to alleviate overall well-being
  • Dedicated experts that prioritize your recovery in every manner possible.

Need guidance in your rehab journey? We’re here to help.

Rehabilitation is a very comprehensive process that needs expert guidance. It is necessary to have an experienced caregiver, since they will shape their life path and transform them into a better person. Under the careful eye of Dr. Gorav Gupta, you can be assured to receive the best of care available as we are one of the best rehabilitation centre in Sirsa. To know more and start your rehabilitation journey, visit us on



It is necessary to enroll in a rehab center when the person is suffering from a chronic condition and is not able to take control of their life. When this assistance becomes very frequent, a rehab center is a good option for alcohol and substance abuse people to gain control of their lives.

Yes, it is very necessary to follow up with the clients and provide after care to support and see the progress of the client in a social environment. This proves the success of the treatment and prevents further chances of relapse.

In cases of relapse, our relapse prevention program is available for the clients. Here, we try different approaches to establish a better management plan.

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