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rehabilitation centre

Rehabilitation Centre or a rehab centre is facility that offers personalized recovery programs and services to assist individuals in recuperating from different mental or behavioural disorders. These concerns may encompass substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders and so forth. The main purpose of a rehabilitation centre is to help individuals regain their independence and functioning, eventually leading to an fulfilling lives.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres: These facilities are aimed at assisting people in overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Centres: These centres focus on handling cases of people who are mentally ill, like dementia and many more. The treatment can consist of therapy, counseling, medication management and other therapeutic interventions.

Rehabilitation programs usually are inter-disciplinary efforts designed by a whole team of healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists , doctors or nurses, therapists and counselors etc. The services provided can be different, depending on the nature of rehabilitation centre and needs of those who ask for help. Rehabilitation lasts for different periods depending on a severity of the condition and an individual’s recovery process.

Why should you choose Tulasi Healthcare best Rehab Centre?

Tulasi Healthcare is one of the most prominent rehabilitation centre that provide comprehensive treatment for mental disorders and addiction. The group of highly trained professionals is committed to the mission “saving lives and restoring families”. The rehabilitation process involves a multidimensional approach for medical treatment, psychotherapy, family therapy, psychoeducation and the 12 steps program.

Receiving the right care can make all the difference.

At Tulasi Healthcare, we are dedicated to bringing the best an institution has to offer. Stepping into the real world after a de addiction treatment requires a lot of support, independence, counseling and occupational therapy. You might think, why is going to a rehabilitation center a good idea? It has many impacts on the lives of the affected person than any normal treatment plan could have.

At our facility, our clients receive bespoke and intensive care programs for any and all kinds of conditions related to mental health disorders, addictions and counseling issues.

Transforming lives since 22 years

As our reputation holds, we have delivered on our promise over the last 22 years. We have proudly transformed numerous valued lives that have made an impact on the society’s overall health and well-being. Establishing a reputation that marks us as one of the best rehabilitation center in Delhi, we are proud to open our services to all and everyone who looks for a guiding light.

We comprehend the art of rehabilitation and its impact on the lives of the affected.Supporting our clients on every single step of the way, we are proud to nurse them back to their full health and follow up to see them achieve their life goals.

Client centered care

When a team of experts come together, the clients are bound to benefit from their expertise. We bring together a range of experts that are versatile in their respective fields and provide the best of care to our clients. This team involves profiles like consultants, specialist nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists, counselors and support staff. We believe that with the right support system anyone is capable of breaking the cycle of addiction and disorder stricken life.

The Difference we make.

Environment- An oasis of peace and warmth, Tualsi Helathcae fosters a positive environment to boost the rehabilitation recovery journey in the best manner. The caregivers introduce a sense of support and happiness, making recovery a positive journey.

Ethos- We aim to bring a profound, transformational change on a personal level in the clients that is bound to last.

Positivity- Our ethos exude our positivity. The moment you enter Tulasi Health Care, you will know that you have chosen the right way forward.

Individual care- No treatment plan is ideal, and no two clients are the same. At our institution, we make sure to provide custom solutions to our clients based on the issues that they are facing.

Why Approach a Rehabilitation center?

1- Improve your health

The body suffers on many levels due to issues that arise from addiction. At a rehabilitation center, you receive a guide on overall well-being and care treatment plans that are timely executed to restore your mind and body levels to the right amounts.

2- Address underlying issues

The key to successful rehabilitation is knowing the cause behind the problem. What made the person turn to this substance, why do they use it so often and what was the particular factor that contributed to its onset is a crucial point of knowing and giving the right treatment plan. The counselors use various therapy programs to identify these causes and make a suitable treatment journey for the clients.

3- Foster accountability

Clients can understand their condition and battle with addiction better when they are able to take responsibility for their actions and measure their progress with people who are in the same boat as them. During group discussions, this non-judgemental and supportive environment can help them grow and step in the right direction.

4- Build a structured lifestyle

The environment of a rehab helps one construct a routine that is a guiding step to recovery. This helps in developing productive habits and participating in healthy activities necessary to facilitate a successful treatment. This is also a need for post treatment.

5- Ends the addictive cycle

At first, it can be hard to approach a rehab center, purely because of a lack of insight. But when the person decides to enroll, they indulge in self care and break the habit of consumption of these substances through detoxification and a supportive lifestyle. Our experts, under the supervision of one of the best psychiatrists in Delhi, equip the clients to become the best version of themselves and live a healthy life with the best treatment and care possible.

Some basic behavioral signs to visit

As a caregiver and family member, you can recognize the basic behavior signs that can assure you that you need to visit a rehab center for consultation. Some of them are listed here-

  • No regard for harm caused to others
  • Obsessive actions towards the consumption of a particular substance
  • Loss of control (can be both physical and mental)
  • Inability to admit the use of addictive substances
  • Exhausting finances
  • Neglecting daily responsibilities
  • Not able to perform usual tasks


If these signs are showing up on a regular basis, it is your sign to come and visit, seek help and organize your treatment journey as soon as possible.

Our Plan at Tulasi Healthcare

  • Primarily residential services- With the 12-step recovery program and inpatient residential services, the clients get full community disclosure and support with access to holistic care regimes.The inpatient services are highly impactful in reducing the effects of addiction, as per the choices and preferences of the client.
  • Outpatient services- There are many flexible packages available at Tulasi health care for pursuing outpatient treatment. The care plan remains similar, the only difference being that the client is aware, psychoeducated and willing to cooperate with the care specialists during treatment plan.
  • Aftercare plan- To maintain long term sobriety, aftercare plans are essential to maintain. At our rehabilitation center, we are aligned to provide the necessary guidance and resources to prevent relapse and keep our clients on a positive path.
Our Team

Psychiatrist and Psychologist in rehab centre

Our highly qualified team of mental healthcare professionals in Tulasi Healthcare

Dr. Gorav Gupta

CEO, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 Years of Experience

Dr. Ratnarakshit Ingole

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Anil Kumar

Consultant Psychiatrist

Ms. Chaya Chaudhary

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

Ms. Kiran Singh

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

Seeking guidance? We’re here to answer your questions

It is definitely a challenging task to ascertain a path to recovery, especially when one does not have awareness about what they are dealing with. Addiction has a deep impact on the lives and well-being of the ones that are affected and the ones that surround them. To sail past these issues and return back to the once happy and satisfied life, connect with us at and start your journey to recovery today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a rehabilitation centre?

A psychiatric rehabilitation centre serves as a facility designed to offer complete help and treatment for people dealing with mental health challenges. The primary reason of these facilities is to assist individuals in improving from  ailments, coping with their signs, and reintegrating into their communities.

What are the challenges of rehabilitation?

There are numerous barriers to such rehabilitation, including stigma, a limited readiness and willingness in society at large as well as among professionals. Who can be unrealistic about the prognosis; lack of resources available for supporting patients entering or maintaining their recovery: co-occurring disorders which add to its difficulty. To take on these challenges, a systematic approach, involving all players in health care-from practitioners to policymakers and from communities to individuals-is needed. So that public information can be available where the citizens live; delivery of services at their door step becomes possible; quality of life is guaranteed for them by accessible and effective treatment.

Who needs rehab centre?

Those suffering from mental illnesses or addictions are treated at psychiatric and addiction rehabilitation centres. Such facilities are a life raft for anyone with substance use disorders (alcohol or drug addiction) and people suffering from dual diagnoses — that is, those coping both with substances abuse problems as well as mental illness. These centers provide support to people with serious mental illnesses, trauma victims or those facing legal consequences.

In addition, persons with strained family relations because of mental illness or substance problems. Those affected in their employment or education; and people seeking post-rehabilitation services are potential recipients. These centers provide a stable, conducive environment in which medical people are joined by therapists and counselors into multidisciplinary teams.

Different people have different needs, circumstances and determination to go through the recovery process. So whether you should look at psychiatric or addiction rehabilitation centre can only depend on yourself. As a whole, these centres provide complete care and assistance to people seeking recovery from psychosis or addiction. From here, they have the chance of making their lives better.

What are benefits of rehabilitation?

A variety of advantages are available to persons suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse through rehabilitation programs. They offer multi-dimensional treatment plans covering both the mental health and addiction issues, providing a complete solution to recovery. People are detoxified under medical supervision, and therapy including counseling and group therapy explore basic causes and help develop coping strategies. The structured environment reduces triggers, allowing for focused recovery.

Rehabilitation teaches life skills, provides peer support and education about triggers and relapse prevention. Aftercare planning is to help people back to their normal lives. The process of participating helps break down barriers against mental illness and addiction. The real purpose of rehabilitation is to raise overall quality of life, both in terms of mental and spiritual well-being as well as relationships with others. It can also help people live good lives. 

What addictions are treated at Tulasi Healthcare best rehabilitation centre?

A variety of substance use disorders and behavioural addictions are treated at Tulasi Healthcare rehabilitation centre. Typical addictions treated include alcohol, drugs (both illegal and prescription), tobacco/nicotine, cannabis, opioids or painkillers. This focus may differ from place to place, and some rehabilitation centres only treat alcoholics while others take a more complete approach.

Furthermore, treatment methods and interventions are also different. Therefore individuals must suit themselves by doing independent research to find a rehabilitation centre that can most fully meet their needs. All in all, rehabilitation centres provide an important service to society helping people shake off various addictions. They offer individually tailored support for a successful recovery and better well-being.

Is there a female only ward?

Yes, we have a separate female ward in Tulasi Healthcare rehabilitation centre.

Do psychiatric and addiction patients stay together?

It’s essential to note that while some facilities have separate psychiatric and addiction patients, others may adopt an integrated or dual diagnosis approach, where both conditions are addressed simultaneously within the same program. The choice of treatment setting depends on the facility’s philosophy, available resources, and the prevalence and complexity of co-occurring disorders among the individuals seeking treatment. Tulasi Healthcare has different wards for psychiatric patients and addiction patients.


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