Dr. Nayab Anjum

Consultant Psychiatrist

I am Dr. Nayab Anjum , and I am a dedicated and highly skilled psychiatrist who has earned an MD in psychiatry from JNMCH in Aligarh. With three years of clinical experience, he possess the skills to effectively treat wide range of psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar,  neurodevelopmental disorder, childhood psychiatric disorders , personality disorders, etc., using pharmacological & non-pharmacological interventions. He actively participates in workshops such as at AlIMS, New Delhi. He was also honored with 2nd prize in UP digital neuromodulation conference. He attended many conferences and presented many papers and published research articles in his name.
He is enthusiastic about dealing with psychiatric patients with care and believes that they have equal rights in society and believes in improving the quality of life with newer and noble modern psychiatric medications and interventions like rtms, dtms, virtual reality, and ketamine therapy.