Dr. Sonia Malhotra

Dr. Sonia Malhotra has done her medical graduation and post graduation in psychiatry from top reputed government medical colleges in the country. Practicing psychiatry since many years, she has extensive experience and exposure in dealing with child and adolescent psychiatry, which is also her area of special interest and expertise. She has a strong belief in the rehabilitation of children and their families in all spheres of life. She is passionate about her work and takes extra steps to ensure overall psychiatric well being of all her clients. Her easy going and warm nature makes it easy to open up to her and approach her, not only with behavioral and educational issues of children and adolescents but also with other emotional, psychological and relationship issues of families (and parents, siblings in particular) that need attention. She has dealt with Intellectual disability, ADHD, ASD and also other psychiatric and behavioral childhood and adolescent issues, dealing holistically with a team of various therapists and specialists.


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