Ms. Geetanjali Rawat

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

Geetanjali Rawat, a licensed Rehabilitation Psychologist from RCI. She has completed her MA in clinical psychology & PGDRP from NIEPVD With a postgraduate diploma in rehabilitation psychology (PGDRP) from the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Visual Disabilities (NIEPVD), She is passionate about helping persons with disabilities.

During the course of her education and working in a clinical OPD, she gained valuable knowledge and skills in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and care of people with various disabilities, such as visual impairment, mental illness, developmental disorders, substance abuse, and chronic pain.

She also learned how to develop and implement individualized treatment plans, which may include various forms of therapy, and how to establish and maintain a supportive network of family, friends, and paraprofessionals for her clients.

Her goal is to improve the quality of life and mental and social function of people with disabilities, by addressing their holistic needs and promoting their wellness and recovery.