Treatment of OCD, Depression and Smoking without Medication Using dTMS Therapy

What is dTMS?

dTMS utilizes a unique combination of coils that enable stimulation to occur in deeper and wider areas of the brain than traditional TMS.

How does dTMS work?

dTMS works by stimulating targeted areas of cerebral cortex with a series of magnetic pulses produced by a coil contained in a padded helmet which patient is made to wear.

How long does the deep TMS session last?

The very first deep TMS session will last about 20 mintues, while the follow-up sessions will last between 20-30 minutes. Each session is followed by psychotherapy session.

How does it feel like in Deep TMS session?

You will be awake and alert during the session. During the TMS session you will feel the tapping sensation and hear a loud clicking sound.

Are there any risks involved?

Deep TMS is safe treatment with minimal side-effects.

There is an extremely low risk of seizure.


Deep TMS is available at Tulasi healthcare which is performed by highly-trained Deep TMS technicians.