Treatment of Schizophrenia in Delhi

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects approximately 1 in 100 people. People with the symptoms of schizophrenia find hard to think rationally and experience unusual things such as hearing unpleasant voices or having false or bizarre beliefs. The exact cause of this mental illness is still unknown. The research in the field says that environmental and genetic influences can bring abnormal changes in the brain chemistry and leads to schizophrenia.

At Tulasi Health Care, we are treating schizophrenic patients , by medication where the chemical imbalance is targeted and psychosocial rehabilitation which includes cognitive exercises in order to improve thought process and memory, yoga, meditation and counselling sessions.

Schizophrenia Symptoms:

The symptoms of the illness are as follows:

Positive Symptoms

People with positive symptoms "lose touch" with reality and live in fictional world . The positive symptoms are sometimes hardly noticed and sometimes are severe. It depends on how the treatment of the patient with schizophrenia is going on.

  • Hallucinations ( hearing voices, seeing, smelling or feeling things which common people don't find, see or hear) .
  • Delusions (belief in something that is different from reality or awkward)
  • Movement disorders (catatonic symptoms , where the affected person does not move or respond to others, repeated , unusual body movements again and again)
  • Thought disorder (unable to think logically and disorganized thinking)

Negative Symptoms

People with negative symptoms need support in everyday chores generally patient presents with

  • Socially Withdrawn
  • Inability to express
  • Inability to begin and sustain planned activity
  • Lack of motivation and pleasure
  • Inability to learn things


  • Poor ability to understand
  • Poor in decision making
  • Finding tough to pay attention
  • Memory problems

Tulasi Health Care promises to provide the best schizophrenia treatment in India. We provide comprehensive range of treatments of mental illness.


Unlike other schizophrenia treatment centres in India, we believe in treating patients with care and compassion. Our mental health team comprises of highly dedicated and experienced professionals. Family history and substance abuse related questions are asked to the family members and it is expected of them to provide honest answers of the questions so that treatment procedures go well.


Antipsychotic medicines are prescribed in most cases as these medications can change the balance of chemicals in the brain and control symptoms. Schizophrenia treatment Delhi centre analyses the medicine side effects and benefits. Common side effects may be:

  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Weight gain
  • Tremor

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Tulasi Health Care firmly believes in treatment through psychologically. Due to our psychological rehabilitation program, many of our patients with schizophrenia are leading normal lives. We aim to provide emotional support to the patients. The treatment helps the patient establishing trusting relationships with the therapist that helps him restoring self-esteem and self-confidence. These are two important traits that the patient seems to be losing during the mental illness. It improves hallucinations and delusions. Our expert therapists aim at different types activities under psychological rehabilitation including:

Yoga has significant benefits to people diagnosed with schizophrenia. It decreases negative symptoms, improves social skills, improves mood disorders, controls anxiety, reduces the side effects of medication etc.
Meditation helps control mind and body. It increases concentration and makes life normal.
Dance therapy best known as dance moment therapy helps improving social, emotional and physical integration of the patients
Music is a great heal to the patients with schizophrenia, it reduces depression, anxiety and the negative symptoms like emotional withdrawal.
Art activities like drawing, clay making etc. help the patient to express themselves freely.

Family Education

It is must. We help families to know about the illness and how to deal with such patients, including how to behave, maintaining recovery and preventing relapse.


Tulasi Health Care makes the patient with schizophrenia self-dependent in many extents such as social skills, use of public transportation, daily chores and activities, timely routine and control over the lifestyle to some extent. Like other reputed paranoid schizophrenia treatment centres in the world, we have set our goals to find out the best possible treatment for the mental disorder.

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