Tulasi Healthcare offers the Best Relapse Prevention strategies for Addiction in India

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a huge accomplishment.

But are you aware that relapse of addiction is a possibility?

There are no miracles that prevent relapse, but constant efforts put in by the addicted individual and his family mitigates the chances of a probable relapse.

Addiction takes its toll on the entire family. While you may be excited to hear that your loved one is ready to end his/her addiction, you may also have valid concerns about whether or not his/her sobriety will last. Relapse is a serious concern for anyone who struggles with addiction, and the right treatment program has solutions that help reduce the chances of your loved one returning to his/her former habit(s).The family too can play a vital role in preventing a relapse.

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What is Addiction Relapse?

It is a cardinal feature of addiction which is most painful. It means returning to substance use after a substance-free period. In medical science, a relapse is a return to a heavier usage of drugs and / or alcohol.

Why does it Happen?

  • Addiction disorder is a chronic disorder that cannot be cured but can be managed
  • Drug or alcohol related reminders like sounds, smells, sights, thoughts or even dreams
  • Negative mood states like anxiety, stress etc.
  • Positive mood states like euphoria resulting from celebration, social get-togethers, etc.
  • Prolonged mental illness(es) like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

Addiction Relapse Prevention

Ideally, after he/she is through with his/her addiction treatment program(s), your loved one should continue with after care services such as counseling and day-care, that helps him/her address issues that arise after they return home. Make sure that your loved one has time to attend these appointments, and do your part to reduce temptation around the house. For instance, you can plan drug and alcohol free activities to do with your loved one to keep them busy. Going for a hike or just watching a movie are great ways to bond and reduce cravings.

Families play a vital role in helping their loved ones overcome addiction. To find more ways that you can help, feel free to connect with us over a phone call.

cognitive behavioural relapse prevention program

Patients can also connect with us for the cognitive behavioural relapse prevention program. It is a process that focuses on lifestyle, behavioural and cognitive changes. It helps develop coping skills to steer clear of addiction.
It elaborates on how to avoid tempting situations, develop a positive support network, create healthy schedules and keeps one busy so as to avoid signs of relapse. We guide via constructive activities like reading, meditation and exercising to prevent relapse.

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