Tulasi Health Care: A Leading De Addiction Treatment Centre in Delhi India

Theoretically, any substance can be abused if taken without considering the limit of consumption. Regular and excessive use of a substance is known as “ADDICTION“. Narcotic drugs are not the only substances that can be abused;. Alcohol, prescription medication, pharmaceutical drugs, inhalants, solvents, cigarettes and even coffee can be harmful when excessively consumed. Substance dependence is harmful as it alters mood and hampers effective functioning.

Addiction is a complex disease but is treatable. Tulasi Health care offers services in its alcohol &  de addiction centers in Delhi, India, offering a wide range of solutions for de-addiction from alcohol and a wide variety of substances.


Comprehensive Treatment for Substance Abuse

At our rehabilitation centres in Delhi, we treat patients with the best possible treatment plans suited to each patient’s unique needs and requirements:

We have a professional team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and addiction counselors, who treat patients with love and compassion at our Psychiatric Hospital & Rehabilitation Centres in Delhi. People who are substance dependent, while undergoing alcohol and/or drugs’ de addiction treatment often suffer from altered brain chemistry, strong abuse-related memories and decreased impulse control. They have a strong craving for the use of the substance. It leaves people vulnerable to relapse even after years of being abstinent.

As a chronic recurrent illness, addiction, especially to alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs may require repeated treatments until complete abstinence is achieved. In order to get long-term or life-term recovery, the right treatment is a must. We at Tulasi Health Care offer effective treatment for relapse prevention at our psychiatric hospitals in Delhi.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment at our de addiction centres involves detoxification. The medication relieves patients from withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Pharmaceutical de-addiction drugs for alcoholism and alcohol dependence are administered. Detoxification is done under complete medical care because it may lead to serious complications. Medications is prescribed for patients suffering from opioid addiction.