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Mental health disorders are affecting people at a startling rate around the world. Combating mental illnesses is only possible if the diagnosis of the mental illness is timely and treatment is undertaken by the right mental healthcare professional(s).

At Tulasi Health Care, treatment is carried out for alcohol & drugs’ addiction and for all mental illnesses including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression and other psychiatric illnesses by means of medication and comprehensive rehabilitation.

Diagnosing the mental health disorder accurately, followed by procedural healing, has made us the best alcohol and drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centre in Delhi, India. We have treated mental health patients who are not only of Indian ethnicity but also those who hail from India’s neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team comprises of a group of psychiatrists & psychologists who operate out of psychiatric nursing homes & Rehabilitation Centres located across Delhi-NCR. At Tulasi health Care, the emphasis is on treatment of psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Since Tulasi Health Care’s inauguration in 2002, the employees of Tulasi Health Care have been dedicated to the cause of saving lives of individuals with mental illness, reinstating them in society and if need be, restoring their ties with their respective families.

We specialize in dual diagnosis, that is, diagnosis of psychiatric co-morbidity along with substance abuse disorder so as to analyze and treat all the aspects of the illness.

Tulasi Healthcare follows a patient-centric approach for the treatment of psychiatric illnesses and addiction, by integrating psychiatric treatment with psychological intervention. Our 12-step drug and alcohol abstinence course and family therapy are time-tested and have always produced optimal results. The treatment is tailored in accordance with the patient’s needs and requirements.

Research has shown that patients who are in incessant care after residential treatment are more likely to remain functional in the long run. With that in mind, our aftercare program for the patients caters to their specific needs in order to guide, encourage and support them. Timely follow-ups and day-care programs have been efficiently helping our patients to remain abstinent and adjust well. We offer treatment to patients from diverse backgrounds and from all tiers of the socio economic strata. Depending on the financial feasibility, a family can choose from one of the many centers operating in India.

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Mission & Vision

The mission of Tulasi Health Care is to improve the quality of lives of people suffering from mental illness(es) and people addicted to use and/or abuse of alcohol and/or other substance(s) by providing high quality physical and cognitive rehabilitation services at our renowned rehabilitation centres across Delhi-NCR.

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Training & Education

Rehabilitation psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on treating individuals dealing with disabilities and problems that make living normal lives difficult. Professionals in this field try to help people with these types of problems adjust and work towards leading happy and healthy lives.

Rehabilitation psychology

Beyond Expectations

The Staff at Tulasi Health Care believes in walking that extra mile in order to excel at catering to the needs of the mentally ill and/or addicted patients undergoing treatment.

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Issues We Address


Tulasi is the foremost resource of consultation, psychoanalysis, remedy and evaluation for a plethora of psychosomatic and other mental well-being services.

At Tulasi, renowned and skilled Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists & Counselors offer holistic treatment and put together the latest advances in psychological therapy and medication. Examination & dedicated treatment is available for Mental healthcare, Addiction Treatment, Depression, Dementia, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, OCD, etc.

The Out-Patient Care is available 6 days a week.

Other Psychological Services:

The team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Counselors offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy, RET, EMDR, NLP, Family  and Interpersonal Therapies,  Psychological evaluation, Psycho-diagnostic assessment, Neuropsychological and Cognitive appraisal, Neuropsychological/Cognitive Tests, IQ, EQ /Personality Tests, Dementia Evaluation, Clinical Assessments for Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Psychosis, & Stress Management Programs, etc.


Tulasi offers clinically significant, facts-based treatment via assorted programs which include supported living, on the go psychotherapy & rigorous care.

Customized residential care programs are available for psychological and psychiatric disorders, addiction treatments, intensive psychotherapy, rehabilitation programs (from day care to long-stay), psychiatric -ICU, etc.

Subject to availability, an array of rooms is offered in accordance with the patient’s needs and liking.

From a broad perspective, Tulasi Healthcare offers the following services:


  • Alcohol de-addiction
  • Tobacco de-addiction
  • Prescription Drugs’ de-addiction
  • Cocaine de-addiction
  • Heroin de-addiction
  • Smack de-addiction
  • Brown Sugar de-addiction
  • Cough Syrup de-addiction
  • Whitener / Spirit de-addiction

Treatment of Schizophrenia

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Treatment of Depression

Treatment of Anxiety and related Disorders

Treatment of Stress & related Disorders

Stress Management

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Treatment of OCD

Treatment of Dementia

Treatment of Mania

Treatment of Dissociative disorders

Treatment of Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders

Treatment of Feeding and Eating Disorders

Treatment of Sleep – Wake Disorders

Treatment of Neuro-cognitive Disorders

Treatment of Personality Disorders


At times, you or someone you care for may require emergency mental healthcare interference. If you or someone you care about requires such emergency care, call 8800000255 or 9811020405 for assistance from Tulasi Health Care.

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If you or someone you care about requires our assistance, you may reach out to us here and someone from our team shall be glad to get in touch with you with the relevant information.

For more information about working at Tulasi or the training programs at Tulasi, click here.



Testimonial 10

Tulasi is the best deaddiction and rehabilitation centre.staff take care of patients very well.Treating team is very dedicated for patient welfare.They take care of everything a patient needs.Dr Gorav Gupta is the best psychiatrist I have ever met. Tulasi has changed my life in a positive manner and made me independent.

Testimonial 9

Tulasi psychiatric rehabilitation center is the best centre and best team ..they do work with patients as well as family very intensively .Their Group activities are effective for recovery. Dr gorav gupta and his team are really do their best , they have changed many lives.. Thanks and regards Tulasi team

Testimonial 8

This is one of the best de addiction and rehab centres. Great doctors, courteous staff and they take care of you like your own. They will not neglect you, they listen to you and solve your problems like there own. Thumbs up to your quality of service and dedication

Testimonial 7

When I came to Tulasi I had tried a lots of rehabs, religious counselling,curfews and self help. It used to work for a few months but the desire to use always overcame. Coming here I realized that my drug problem was not a moral failing which was drilled into me since beginning but was a disease. Tulasi taught me that if my addiction was treated as a disease I had a better chance of overcoming it. Professional counselling and understanding along with the sessions with my wife has helped me immensely. It has helped my wife also in a great way. Today I am clean for over 5 months and my relationship with my wife has also started to improve. All I can say at this moment that I am enjoying my life free of drugs thanks to Tulasi.

Testimonial 6

Its the one of the best rehab for mental health under the supervision of dr gorav gupta, n proud that had worked under dr gorav gupta in his set-up and am proud of it. Hv learnt many things from him under his kind guidance. Wish Tulasi rehab. my best wishes

Testimonial 5

Ive had three treatements at tulsi. undergoing the third one for allied issues imerging out of primary incidence of psychosis.i have always throughout got attention from the tulsi staff regardless of being an in patient or not....the Councillor sometimes proactively in good faith keep contact with me.i would suggest families looking to get their wards admitted to check Dr Gorav Gupta on Google and is also readily availability to meet as a secondary introduction.

Testimonial 4

I was there 3 years back.Tulasi completely changed my life.They taught me how to lead a drug free life.

Testimonial 3

good treatment ,i am clean after 3 years of drug abuse


very good treatment professional team.

Testimonial 1

I was a patient at Tulasi in 2009 and it was an incredible experience. It started me on my journey of recovery from addiction. The staff were incredible and dedicated and the accommodation was comfortable and safe. I have very fond memories of this place and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with addiction and is tired of feeling like a slave to drugs and/or alcohol. If you want your life back, call them today.


We receive lots of emails from concerned family members and patients regarding mental illness and addiction problems and their respective treatments
Following are a few questions which are usually asked:

Is mental illness treatable?

Yes it is. With proper psychiatric treatment and psychological intervention, all mental illnesses are treatable.

Will the patient need medication throughout his/her life?

The frequency of medication and the period over which it is administered, both depend on the kind of mental illness being treated. In a few cases, medication can be stopped after sometime but there are certain illnesses that might require medication for a long term or for life.

What is the role of counseling in treatment?

Like medicines, counseling plays a pivotal role in the treatment of mental illness(es). It helps the patient overcome his/her mental illness and regain control of his/her life.

When to admit a patient into a residential establishment for treatment?

It is not essential to admit a patient if he or she is compliant when it comes to taking medicines and going through counseling sessions with a psychologist/ psychiatrist. But if a patient is not co- operative at all and is unmanageable at home, hospitalization is to be considered as an option. Hospitalization may be required for a brief interval to overcome an acute illness.

If my patient undergoes treatment, will he be alright throughout his life?

A few mental illnesses are completely curable but most illnesses can only be cured to a certain extent. At times, patients can also relapse after years in spite of having been treated. The Idea of psychiatric treatment is to make patients’ lives’ functional so they may lead normal lives.

What is the role of family members?

The family of the patient plays an important role in the treatment of the patient’s mental illness or addiction, just like it plays an important role in treatment of other illnesses. A member of the patient’s family can motivate the patient to regularly see the concerned mental health professional and encourage the patient to perform daily chores and engage in activities like a healthy person does. The patient’s family should join support groups if they are feeling overburdened while taking care of the patient.

Is mental illness hereditary or is there a chance of my children getting it?

No, mental illness is not hereditary or contagious. However, there is a definite indication of acquiring mental illness if there is a family history, so genetics do play an important role.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Psychiatrists being trained medical doctors can prescribe medication, and they spend much of their time with patients on medication management as a course of treatment. Psychologists focus extensively on psychotherapy and treating emotional and mental suffering in patients with behavioral intervention.

Can a family member of an admitted patient reside with him/her at Tulasi’s Psychiatric Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Centres?

Yes, Tulasi offers facility to accommodate an attendant/guardian along with their loved ones.
We believe that with a known person around, recovery takes place faster.

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