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At Tulasi Healthcare, treatment is carried out for alcohol & drugs’ addiction and for all mental illnesses including Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Depression and other psychiatric illnesses by means of medication and comprehensive rehabilitation


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    We, at Tulasi Healthcare, have been dedicated to the cause of saving lives of individuals with mental illness, reinstating them in society and restoring their ties with their families. Our team comprises experienced Mental Health Professionals including expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. We follow a patient-centric approach for the treatment of psychiatric illnesses and addiction, integrating medicinal treatment with psychological intervention, tailoring the treatment in accordance with the patient’s needs and requirements.

    • 20+ years of experience
    • Largest Team of Mental Health Professionals
    • Intensive Inpatient Programs and Structured Outpatient Services.

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    Psychiatrists and Psychologists

    Dr. Gorav Gupta

    CEO, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 Years of Experience

    Dr. Ratnarakshit Ingole

    Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Anil Kumar

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Jasdeep Saluja

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Anadrika

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Jeplin Bez

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Krishna Teja

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Vinit Sanjeev

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Raja Abhilash

    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr. Neerja Agarwal

    Consultant Psychologist

    Mr. Inderjeet Singh

    Consultant Psychologist

    Ms. Chaya Chaudhary

    Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

    Ms. Kiran Singh

    Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

    Ms. Kanchan Saini

    Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI)

    Ms. Sanchari Maity

    Clinical Psychologist (RCI)

    Ms. Priyanka Charan

    Consultant Psychiatric Social Worker

    Mr. Rituraj Gogoi

    Clinical Psychologist (RCI)

    News & Awards

    Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

    Tulasi Healthcare has won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in the Indian Mental Rehabilitation industry.

    tulasi healthcare awards

    Billing & Insurance

    Insurance Partner

    Tulasi Healthcare is now empanelled with SBI General Insurance and Future Generali Insurance for cashless treatment of patients with mental health problems.


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We receive lots of emails from concerned family members and patients regarding mental illness and addiction problems and their respective treatments Following are a few questions which are usually asked:

    Yes it is. With proper psychiatric treatment and psychological intervention, all mental illnesses are treatable.

    The frequency of medication and the period over which it is administered, both depend on the kind of mental illness being treated. In a few cases, medication can be stopped after sometime but there are certain illnesses that might require medication for a long term or for life.

    Like medicines, counseling plays a pivotal role in the treatment of mental illness(es). It helps the patient overcome his/her mental illness and regain control of his/her life.


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    Help Erase Stigma You can change attitudes about mental health by learning more and sharing our educational resources with your friends and loved ones.


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    What Our Patient’s Say

    A word from patients treated by our mental health professionals.

    Vipin Sharma

    Tulasi health care have a great team of professionals & they know there job very well. Excellent arrangements for security, food, home away from home. They provide best treatment for psychiatric illness. One of my friend had very good experience here.


    Best psychiatric hospital & rehabilitation center. Counsellors and psychiatrists look after patients very well. After treatment I'm in control of my life. Thanks to Dr. Gorav Gupta and his team of psychologists and psychiatrists. Recommended to visit if you have any mental health issues.

    Navneet Kaur

    Got good treatment for mental health and psychiatrists are really helpful. Great facilities and each and every person is cooperative.