Here at Tulasi Healthcare, our mission is to cater to the needs of patients struggling with mental disorders and to the de-addiction & rehabilitation of people addicted to use/abuse of alcohol and/or other substances like tobacco, narcotic drugs, etc. We make this possible by providing quality perceptive rehabilitation services at our distinguished rehabilitation centres located in Delhi-NCR.

The key aspects of our mission are: caring for all patients who come to us, reinstatement of patients undergoing residential treatment in society, optimizing patients’ cognitive, mental and physical functioning and imbibing dignity in their outlooks towards their respective lives with concern.

We walk beside our clientele on their paths to recovery; understanding their pasts and working together to ensure a better future for them– in the process, we also transform lives and ensure lifetime relapse prevention for everyone treated here at Tulasi Healthcare.

OCD treatment


Tulasi Healthcare’s vision seeks its team of Mental Health Professionals & para-medical staff to stand out in the fields of de-addiction, psychiatric nursing & rehabilitation by delivering unparalleled patient experience via amalgamation of class-leading care, knowledge, research and support.

We want to be recognized for empowering and motivating those we serve, along with their families if possible to achieve the most optimal outcomes in order to maximize recovery. The same shall be accomplished by streamlining medical doctor leadership, presence of highly trained and compassionate para-medical staff and lifelong relationships with those whom we serve.

Also, we are committed to the care and improvement of lives of those who approach us. Our vision calls upon us as an organization to reach for higher standards of service excellence and to break new ground with every passing day. Tulasi Healthcare will provide the best result-oriented, proof-based, financially feasible mental health care in all of Delhi-NCR.