Building a new approach towards deaddiction with Best rehabilitation centre in Panipat

rehabilitation centre in panipat

Drug addiction, alcohol addiction and substance abuse- some terms that have become quite common in the daily conversations of today’s societal issues. Like any other concern, it has also become an issue that needs to be addressed on an urgent basis. With Tulasi Healthcare, it has now become easier to address addiction in a more positive and taboo-free environment with the conversations focused on finding their solutions.

We make our clients ready for a life beyond treatment with tools that are crucial in their sustenance. A haven for long-term recovery, we are focused on providing an overall well-being through a constant focus on psychological, social and emotional well being.

Why consider a rehab centre?

Many different types of issues and disturbed aspects of one’s life  can have a detrimental effect on their lifestyle that can push them into addiction. Some of these are-

  • Family problems- Misuse of addictive substances can cause family relationships to suffer due to verbal abuse and distancing from our dear ones. This can cause family members to suffer in the long run and disturb their mental and physical health as well.
  • Violence- Substance abuse often escalates to violence. This violence can be verbal, physical, or directed towards any family member that can become a danger to their safety.
  • Lack of proper functioning- The daily overall functioning of a person is affected due to constant misuse of the substance that renders them unable to perform any task.
  • Health issues- Health issues- both physical and psychological in nature are quite prevalent in the case of substance misuse, which need to be treated with the help of expert intervention.
  • Low self esteem- Problems of substance misuse plays with the psyche of an individual and takes away their confidence to function in the right manner. This reduces their confidence and makes them occupationally unstable.

Treatment regime at our Rehabilitation Centre in Panipat

Determining a care regime is a very extensive task especially when it comes to catering to cases of addictive substances. Every individual has their own set of issues that need to be dealt with the utmost care. Highlighting our treatment plans, these keypoints are applied every step of the way to ensure a proper support system.

  • Consultation along with pre-counselling for promoting insight towards upcoming treatment.
  • Detoxification process through pharmacological methods.
  • Scientifically backed 12 step rehabilitation plan
  • Recovery boost through applied behavior modification regimes like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy  and other solution focused therapies that are put to action according  to the client’s condition.
  • Holistic treatment plans- following an overall wellbeing pattern (meditation, mindfulness practices and yoga) with recreational activities, we are focused towards an all-inclusive recovery.
  • Psychoeducation- It is important for all members of the family to know about the treatment process which helps in enhancing the recovery process.
  • Occupational therapy- To battle with the needs of real life, occupational therapy is also a part of our medicaments.

Services at our Mental Healthcare Facility in Panipat

Mastering the regime of comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans, Tulasi Healthcare has highly optimized treatment options available to plan and customize the recovery of our clients.

Psychiatric Care Centre

Tulasi Healthcare stands amongst the best names of the country that provides inclusive care plans for conditions like bipolar disorder (overall spectrum), schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and other comorbidly occurring conditions in the psychiatric domain. We boast a highly functional in-patient care plan that has the insights of experts from the psychiatry fraternity. Customized to every client, we take pride in our state of the art center.

De Addiction Care

Our leading de addiction rehabilitation centre in Panipat is thoroughly equipped for handling different issues that one encounters as an addict. AIming to build on moral and ethical concerns that one faces due to their addiction, our thorough counseling and supportive care is truly focused on recovery. We are specialized in dealing with addictions like Marijuana, Alcohol, drug, smoking, cocaine, heroine and digital/ gaming areas.

Rehabilitation Services

Therapeutic care is truly necessary to fully facilitate the rehabilitation process. Through counseling and psychoeducation, our experts derive the root causes of presenting problems and build a treatment plan towards its resolution. Some highly prevalent rehabilitation modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and many others are applied during the process to foster recovery.

Medical Interventions

Dealing with issues of  psychiatric origin is a matter of comprehensive research and expertise. Our team of trained professionals at Tulasi Healthcare are equipped in identifying the core issues of these concerns. With newly developed high-tech techniques like Deep TMS and Modified Electroconvulsive therapy, we find the origin point of issues like Depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD on a physical level that also help curb comorbid conditions.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction can relapse- a truth that every single treatment planner should accept. But as a top rehabilitation centre in Panipat, we take the responsibility of dealing with every alternate possibility that comes with issues like addiction. Our relapse prevention program aids the clients to rebuild their motivation and seek clarity in their lifestyle to steer clear of these problems in the long run.

Looking for assistance to start your deaddiction journey? We’re here to help

Tulasi Healthcare can be a refuge to a new life for anyone who is suffering from severe addictions. We understand the taboos that are associated with societal constructs of pursuing a treatment for addiction, but that should not hold you up to reach out for your wellbeing. For you and your loved ones, Tulasi Healthcare acts as an undeterred support system. To know more, visit our facility rehabilitation centre in Panipat to discover your very own path to recovery.



Rehabilitation helps an individual reach their highest level of functioning after being stricken by a chronic health condition that affects their overall functioning. In cases of substance rehabilitation, a detoxification process followed by extensive counseling and medications are prescribed to restore the client to their original health.

The main problems that arise in the rehabilitation process include- lack of motivation to pursue treatment, lack of insight about existing problems and improper education related to the rehabilitation process.

Detoxification is usually considered the most difficult part of rehabilitation because of its physiological effects. These can be strenuous and hard to bear if the person lacks motivation or insight to pursue treatment.

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