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Rehabilitation can be a rocky road for many people who have not yet developed an insight into their lifestyle. Substance abuse is a manageable condition if ample intervention is provided. As one of the best rehab centers, Tulasi Healthcare is dedicated to reaching out to everyone who requires guidance and counseling to attain their state of wellbeing and get rid of their maladaptive behaviors.

Why consider a rehab centre in Meerut?

There are many reasons why substance abuse occurs and can affect the life of others in its wake. There can be several reason when you should approach a rehabilitation centre in Meerut at the earliest-

  • Disturbed family relationships- Due to substance misuse, tension rises in the family due to constant fights and nagging for resources, that causes strained family relationships.
  • Abuse and Violence- When the needs of the substance abuser are not met, there is a high chance that they resort to violence and abusive practices, leading to a dangerous situation.
  • Problems in functioning- Due to the after effects of alcohol abuse, it is highly predictable to say that such people face issues in performing their daily tasks and act as a burden for people around them.
  • Health problems- Health issues can be found along with dual diagnosis in many cases of substance abuse. This can lead to multiple physical issues like liver failure, cardiovascular problems and diabetes ( in case of alcohol abuse)
  • Reduced confidence and opportunities- When a person is plagued with such issues, they face reduced confidence in their abilities and a lack of opportunities due to their lack of responsible nature.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

  • Multiple instances of using the substance in a single day
  • Feeling the need to consume the said substance all the time
  • Allocating all the resources left on acquiring the substance and neglecting daily needs
  • Neglecting everyday duties and important things
  • Failing to fulfill needs of family and oneself
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not used.
  • Unable to perform any kind of activity
  • Experiencing relationship issues with family and closed circle
  • Detachment from otherwise liked activities
  • Functional disability in occupational and personal tasks

Treatment Approaches in our Rehab center

Keeping in mind our client’s needs and overall wellness, our rehabilitation program and approaches are designed to keep their comfort in mind. Highlighting this concise yet comprehensive treatment plan, we make use of our basic principles in every step to build an overall support system.

  • Pre-counselling and orientation guidance [process to promote development of insight].
  • Detoxification (medically assisted) that stirs the base for upcoming medical and therapeutic processes.
  • 12 step rehabilitation regime that is scientifically backed to produce best rehabilitation results.
  • Enhancing and supporting recovery with techniques of behavior modification such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and other solution focused therapies that are assessed and applied according to client’s comfort and needs.
  • Holistic treatment approaches following overall development pattern (meditation, mindfulness practices and yoga)
  • Psychoeducation to enhance the recovery process by aiding family members with necessary information.
  • Occupational therapy and counseling to aid and develop a transformational change and introduce clients with real life skills.

Services at our mental healthcare facility in Meerut

As one of the best mental health centres in the country, we boast our range of services that can be a huge advantage for treatment seekers suffering from multiple issues. Under the guidance of Dr. Gorav Gupta, our team is well equipped to provide these treatments.

Psychiatric care center

We stand as one of the few best rehabilitation centres in the country,  that provide the clients with high-end care and follow up regime for problems like bipolar disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and other comorbidly occurring problems. Our facility boasts a variety of treatment methods that are personalized for every client’s condition. Truly focused on overall rehabilitation, we take pride in our state of the art facility.

De Addiction care

Our de addiction rehabilitation centre in Meerut is comprehensively prepared for handling a variety of  issues that one encounters as an addict. Our vision is to extend  support on moral and ethical premises focused on  overcoming the mindset of moral failure. Our expertise is exhibited through our team of highly trained professionals. We are specialized in dealing with addictions like Marijuana, Alcohol, drug, smoking, cocaine, heroine and digital/ gaming areas.

Rehabilitation services

Healing addictive issues from the roots through psychological and physiological rehabilitation is necessary. At Tulasi Healthcare, we are determined to provide the best rehabilitation support with individual, family and group counseling sessions to alleviate well being.

Medical Interventions

Issues that stem from psychiatric roots have a deep impact on our lives, and need extensive intervention expertise to reach its crux.With advanced procedures like Deep TMS and  Electroconvulsive therapy and Deep Brain Stimulation we inspect the start of problems like Depression and OCD and aid in preventing comorbid conditions.

Relapse Prevention

Addictive ways can always relapse if the person becomes demotivated and is not careful in following the prescribed lifestyle. As a top rehabilitation centre in Meerut, our team is  equipped to deal with any deviating possibility that surfaces with issues like addiction. Our relapse prevention program guides the client to find their way back to an acceptable lifestyle and live a life that is full of positivity and well being.

Seeking assistance? We’re here to help.

It is always heartbreaking to see our loved ones take the brunt of unhealthy lifestyle patterns that are not only harmful to them, but to everyone around them. Our team at Tulasi Healthcare is truly dedicated to providing the necessary guidance, counseling and support that is needed to motivate your loved ones to start their rehabilitation journey. To know more and move forward, visit us



A rehabilitation center is well equipped with inpatient wards, counseling centers, holistic activities center and apparatus area that is fully utilized for the clients overall treatment plan.

It is not necessary to opt for inpatient services if the client is facing only mild to moderate symptoms. In case of severe symptoms, the client is required to stay in the facility until their condition improves and they can function in a civil manner in a societal setting.

Yes, at Tulasi Healthcare our clients receive a post treatment care plan where they are provided with group counseling visits & individual checkups to prevent relapse.

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