Tulasi Healthcare: The right place for starting your rehabilitation journey

In the bustling environment of a city like Delhi, where life takes a toll on the best of us, rehabilitation can be a very debilitating journey. When issues like addiction impacts the lifestyle of an individual, it can be very difficult for them to function on a regular basis. A rehabilitation centre can be a guiding path for them to restore the balance in their lives and lead a life of meaning and peace.

Our state of the art rehabilitation centre in South Delhi is dedicated to restoring & empowering individuals to attain the much desired happiness in their lives and relieve them from the maladaptive patterns of addiction.

At a rehabilitation center, you as a client derive numerous benefits of a safe structure, conducive environment built to promote rehabilitation and gain the support of like minded people and experts that are at your service.

The landscape of rising addiction in Delhi

The fast lifestyle and demanding environment o a metropolitan city like Delhi procedures situations that many find easy to cope with the use of substances. This has led to a very high demand of substances, leading to its abuse on all levels of the society. We at Tulasi Healthcare find the need to address this issue with grappling urgency and provide a testament of our care and commitment towards a healthier society.

Why should Tulasi Healthcare be your choice of recovery journey

  • Unparalleled expertise- Our craft mastered experts are present to help you in any given moment of time. They are aware of the fact that every individual has a journey of their own, and every client is a new experience that needs to be addressed as keenly as possible. Our rehabilitation centre in South Delhi is equipped with such unparalleled experts that are sure to make your recovery journey comfortable and transformative.
  • Holistic Approach- Our treatment programs not only focus on rehabilitating the individual back to their health, but also on an overall well being in every aspect. We target the social, emotional and occupational levels to reinstate the client to function at their best.
  • Supportive environment and aftercare- The journey of rehabilitation is not just a program, but more than that. It is about gaining the support, trust and willingness of others around you and learning to become the best version of yourselves again. It is a second chance at life and we at Tulasi Health Care respect your willingness to come out and continue this journey at your best capacity. Our aftercare programs are meant to provide the necessary support, education and help that is needed to continue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Community reintegration- It is very important to reintegrate the clients with skills that are necessary to survive in the community and draw benefits to sustain life. At the stage of rehabilitation, they are seldom lost in their own well being and that is why our community programs are a leisurely yet a strong way to help them get back on their path to success along with their recovery.

Assistance Programs at Tulasi Healthcare

Psychiatric care centre

As one of the best few rehabilitation centres in South Delhi, Tulasi healthcare stands as a pioneer in providing  optimal care for disorders like bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and other comorbidly occuring issues . Our inpatient care displays a plethora of care options customized for every patient. Extremely focused on mental rehabilitation, we take pride in our excellent care facility.

De Addiction care

Our leading de addiction rehabilitation centre in South Delhi is extremely equipped for managing any type of issues that one encounters as an addict. Our mission to provide moral and medical support to overcome the mindset of failure is shown through the dedication of our expert team. We are focused in dealing with addictions like Marijuana, Alcohol, drug, smoking, cocaine, heroine and digital/ gaming areas.

Rehabilitation services

Our holistic approach takes psychological & age old therapeutic interventions in healing addiction issues from the roots. Applying therapeutic interventions that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance  Commitment Therapy, Family therapy etc to enhance rehabilitation, our mission is to eradicate addiction on a psychological level.

Medical Interventions

Addressing psychiatric problems can be a concern of dedicated analysis, and our highly experienced industry professionals are experts in finding the core of these concerns on a physical level. Through our advanced technological tools like Deep TMS and Modified Electroconvulsive therapy, we are able to assess the root of the issues like Depression and OCD, and learn more about physical origins of other disorders as well.

Relapse Prevention

Circling back to old addictive ways is always a concern, but as a top rehabilitation centre in South Delhi, we are prepared to handle every difficult scenario that comes with issues like addiction. Our relapse prevention treatment program aids the clients to know their distorted thoughts and build a life that is full of opportunities – and the new vigor that develops with it.

Our approach to mental wellness

Guiding our trusted clients in starting  a transformative journey, a wellness support system is of critical importance in our rehabilitation plan. When we approach our journey, it is beyond the “mainstream” methods. This is how-

  • Guiding you to rediscover the purpose and zest of life with psychotherapeutic & holistic methods
  • Providing the aftercare, psychoeducation on relevant issues and building personal support system that one needs to reintroduce themselves back in the society
  • Connecting you with additional resources to foster well-being
  • Dedicated experts that prioritize your recovery in every manner possible.


Willing to take a positive step? We’re Here to help.

If you have decided to take a positive step towards your wellbeing & engage in the transformative journey, we’re here to provide help in every manner possible. Our dedicated team is ready to connect with necessary resources to get you started on your rehabilitation journey.



This is description

The purpose of a rehabilitation center is to restore the people who are grappled by addiction back to their normal lives. This includes a variety of treatments and therapies. The clients can find a will to live and lose the maladaptive ways of life.

The process of rehabilitation involves building the body’s strength both mentally and physically, relearning functioning skills and going back to the society as a responsible and sober citizen.

The most difficult part of the rehabilitation process is usually the detoxification process. As it involves removing the toxins from the body through medical assistance, it is definitely a crucial step to identify the willingness of the client to gain benefits from rehabilitation.

The patients who have lost the capacity to function on the most basic level and perform their own tasks require urgent rehabilitation. Clients that have developed an insight and want to leave their maladaptive ways of addiction are also eligible to seek rehabilitation.