Mr. Inderjeet Singh

Consultant Psychologist

Mr. Inderjeet Singh, a Consultant Psychologist at Tulasi Psychiatric Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Centre, has pursued and completed the following courses: Psychology Hon’s(Graduation), M.Phil in Psychology, Masters in Psychology & a PGD in Clinical Psychology
He possesses 14 years’ intensive work experience as a professional psychologist in the field of Psychology.
He specializes in :

  1.  Psychodiagnostic Assessments
  2.  Psychotherapy for Drug use/abuse/dependence and Relapse Prevention.
  3. Psychotherapy for Personality Disorder.
  4.  Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety related disorders.
  5.  Psychotherapy for marital and relationship issues and family therapy.
  6. Psychotherapy for sex-related problems.
  7. Therapy for Healthy life development and Meditation.
  8. Adolescents’ career guidance.