New Treatment Approaches to OCD : ERP and dTMS

OCD and it's new treatment approaches

OCD new treatment erp and dtms

Obsessive Compulsive disorder has grown to be a highly occurring condition in the Indian Population- especially teenagers. According to the National Institute of Health, around 0.8% of the young adult population is suffering from OCD. With a lifetime prevalence of 0.6%, OCD needs high-end management strategies for facilitating overall daily functioning and social conduct.

Medications, invasive and therapy sessions are integral part of its management and diagnosis, but there are many cases that are resistant to such treatment and require discovery of other methods that can alleviate their symptoms and restore their well being.

Today, we talk about Exposure and Response prevention and Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation  as some of the new OCD treatment modalities that allows us to explore the disorder in a new light.

In the Indian scenario, usually both inpatient and outpatient treatments are considered. Outpatient treatment is suitable for clients that suffer from mild to moderate conditions, and inpatient is usually prescribed for clients who are facing adverse effects of the condition and unable to restore their daily functioning.

What is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)?

Simply put, it is also a derivative of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that encourages the client to face their fears, or obsessive thoughts occur, without the thought of putting them right with compulsive behaviors. The strategy is to purposefully expose oneself to situations that might trigger a response and generate  control in its wake. The difference from flooding here is that a clinician works with you in a comprehensive manner to generate a plan for exposure. Then, the therapist coaches you to understand and confront these feelings by acceptance and resisting to lean into compulsive behavior.

The following patterns are initiated once ERP is executed-

  • As a part of the treatment, you may feel an initial increase in anxiety, compulsions, uncertainties and obsessional thoughts.
  • Within a time frame, the client starts to understand that the feelings will arise but they are not capable of harming them in the long run- they can be managed.
  • When the feeling becomes familiar, the resistance towards them will eventually subside, causing habituation.
  • Managing everyday uncertainty and risks will become easier.

OCD takes over the body’s alarm system and reacts to any and every trigger- without justifying its intensity and that causes a rift in everyday functioning. Even the most trivial stimuli are considered catastrophic. This is the reason why the body reacts- or engages in compulsive behavior to subside its concerns.

It can be helpful for people who:

  • Have an extreme fear of contaminating germs or other pathogens capable of harm
  • Have a fear of losing control over oneself and risk of harming others
  • Get intrusive thoughts that have no relation to task at hand and disrupt daily life
  • Have an excessive focus on moral and religious ideals
  • Get an extensive urge to perform a compulsion after an irrational act.

If one feels that they can benefit from approaching an expert for their condition, it is better to reach out today. Amongst some of the good psychiatrist in delhi, we boast a highly trained group of professionals that have training in many new OCD treatment modalities and upgrade themselves every chance they get.

Why is ERP important for treating OCD?

ERP provides a basis for the clients to observe their behavior, analyze their responses and actively work towards them. ERP acts as a key therapeutic component in management of the disorder. If it is combined with SSRIs and therapy it is even more effective. It also works on relapse prevention scenarios and how the client can manage it.

dtms treatment

Another highly coveted treatment modality for OCD is Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which is very efficient in alleviating symptoms for clients that are not able to achieve any success in subsiding effects of OCD with traditional medicine.The treatment utilizes a magnetic coil to directly reach broader and deeper brain regions responsible for OCD- specifically Anterior Cingulate Cortex and medial Prefrontal Cortex. Peer reviewed studies claim that 1 in 3 treatment resistant OCD patients achieve higher levels of relief from deep TMS treatment.

As a non-invasive treatment, it does not have any long term side effects, does not have any extensive recovery period and can be accommodated into the daily schedule of the clients.

As an FDA approved treatment plan, it has proved its efficacy to treat OCD through a study published by American Journal of Psychiatry in 2019. When combined with other treatment plans, it shows significant improvement in the symptoms of OCD and a higher recovery rate as well. According to a study published by Journal of psychiatric research, this new OCD treatment has a greater real life application than a clinical setting. This study was conducted on 200 individuals, with nearly 60% showing high level response and sustained  response of over 50% (after a one month follow up).

Its efficacy is highly established with its non-invasive nature and duly incorporative nature in everyday schedule.

Treatment Protocol for deep TMS

The treatment includes a 90 minute preparation session that is designed to know the clients provocative symptoms based on their individual complaints. The care plan is designed for around 6 weeks, where the duration depends upon the severity of the symptoms. There are 5 sessions in each week which takes 30-40 minutes in total for administration (provocation administration + 18 minute TMS protocol). To assess the progress, Y-BOCS is administered at the baseline treatment each week.

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