Rehabilitation Centers for people suffering from Mental Disorders

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Rehab Centre & Mental Hospital for Mental Illness

A rehabilitation center is a place for people to recover from mental disorders and rejoin real life. The illnesses of mental disorders have long been understated, people are hiding their illnesses & even taking recourse to charlatans who fleece them at the least, and aggravate the disease. The rehab should be a place where neither of this happens. A peaceful environment and an insightful experience best serves a patient. Mental disorders are the worst affliction one can get, unlike other diseases like say heart disease or diabetes, the patient can understand it by means of test reports and go to a hospital or clinic. A mental disease cannot be evaluated by the person himself and he has to be told by an observer that there is something wrong with the patient.

How can a diseased mind make an objective decision about itself?

I have been a schizophrenic with Tulasi Rehab for approximately 3 months and my first interaction with the doctor, Dr. Gorav Gupta spoke volumes of his capabilities to treat the disease. This happened after I had been admitted for 3 days, he was on his rounds and asked me,

“So, how are you?”

“I am fine sir,”

I spoke quietly, this was my standard refrain, I was lying in my bed when he had stumbled upon me.

“Feeling better?”

“Much better,”

I said and it brought a smile on his face and the entourage of psychologists and doctors.

For the next times from then onwards, every time I was asked how I was, this remained by standard answer. This was funny for them for I wasn’t well so how could I say I was well. As it turns out, even when you are saying you are well, the doctors still have to get to the heart of the matter. As more interactions went by, I realized on being given literature to read on schizophrenia that I had a mental illness but my mind didn’t believe that it was ill.

The purpose of the mental rehabilitation center came out for me through these interactions, it was not to cure the disease but to dispel the outer world, so harsh and rigid, from the mind of the patient and make the patient connect with the SELF.

The human mind is a conglomeration of the SELF and EGO, when the human is a child the self encompasses the ego and gives it nourishment, even so that the child feels that the whole world is its domain. This is the way it should be initially and the self is the child’s mother mostly. However, as the child grows up it moves away from the Self and in the process finds a mismatch between what his inner worlds are telling him about himself and the opinion of the real world about him outside. This causes pain and upheavals in the child as his inflated ego has taken a bashing and it comes back to the mother to heal.

The same is the case with a mental disorder patient, the adult in this case has experienced prolong periods of alienation from the self and in the bargain mental disorders have set in. The experience in the rehab is one of healing and curing by connecting to the archetypical Self. It is the job of the mental Rehabilitation center to provide an environment that would help this connection and send the patient on the way to well-being.

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