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Out-Patient Care:

Tulasi is the foremost resource of consultation, psychoanalysis, remedy and evaluation for a plethora of psychosomatic and other mental well-being services.

At Tulasi, renowned and skilled Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists & Counselors offer holistic treatment and put together the latest advances in psychological therapy and medication. Examination & dedicated treatment is available for Mental rehab, Addiction Treatment, Depression, Dementia, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, OCD, etc.

The Out-Patient Care is available 6 days a week.

Other Psychological Services:

The team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Counselors offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy, RET, EMDR, NLP, Family  and Interpersonal Therapies,  Psychological evaluation, Psycho-diagnostic assessment, Neuropsychological and Cognitive appraisal, Neuropsychological/Cognitive Tests, IQ, EQ /Personality Tests, Dementia Evaluation, Clinical Assessments for Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Psychosis, & Stress Management Programs, etc.

Residential Care at Tulasi:

Tulasi offers clinically significant, facts-based treatment via assorted programs which include supported living, on the go psychotherapy & rigorous care.

Customized residential care programs are available for psychological and psychiatric disorders, addiction treatments, intensive psychotherapy, rehabilitation programs (from day care to long-stay), psychiatric -ICU, etc.

Subject to availability, an array of rooms is offered in accordance with the patient’s needs and liking.

From a broad perspective, Tulasi Healthcare offers the following services:

  • Alcohol de-addiction
  • Tobacco de-addiction
  • Prescription Drugs’ de-addiction
  • Cocaine de-addiction
  • Heroin de-addiction
  • Smack de-addiction
  • Brown Sugar de-addiction
  • Cough Syrup de-addiction
  • Whitener / Spirit de-addiction
  • Treatment of Schizophrenia
  • Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  • Treatment of Depression
  • Treatment of Anxiety and related Disorders
  • Treatment of Stress & related Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Treatment of OCD
  • Treatment of Dementia
  • Treatment of Mania
  • Treatment of Dissociative disorders
  • Treatment of Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders
  • Treatment of Feeding and Eating Disorders
  • Treatment of Sleep – Wake Disorders
  • Treatment of Neuro-cognitive Disorders
  • Treatment of Personality Disorders

Emergency Care

At times, you or someone you care for may require emergency mental healthcare interference. If you or someone you care about requires such emergency care, call 8800000255 or 9811020405 for assistance from Tulasi Health Care.

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If you or someone you care about requires our assistance, you may reach out to us here and someone from our team shall be glad to get in touch with you with the relevant information.

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