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Rehabilitation centre for alcohol addiction in Gurgaon

Tulasi Healthcare is amongst the best Psychiatric and Rehabilitation hospitals in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR. The modern facility at Gurgaon, with a capacity of 125 beds was inaugurated in November 2020. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and round-the-clock team of expert mental health professionals, medical and paramedical staff makes it one of the best Psychiatric and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Gurgaon.

Tulasi Healthcare provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for psychiatric illnesses, mental health well-being, and addiction problems. Patient is provided with individualized attention and tailor-made treatment plan from our team of skilled psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, rehabilitation psychologists, mental health counselors, and psychiatric social workers.

A proper focus is being given to the patient’s illness and the symptoms. Along with this, their feelings and requirements are taken into consideration when we develop the treatment. Our goal is to help the patient become as independent as possible and lead a healthy life. We do this by providing exceptional medical care, excellent facilities, latest amenities and a professionally trained staff.

Why choose Tulasi Healthcare?

We have the best professionals available to guide. Get professional guidance from a qualified team of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, therapists who provide patients with holistic approach to treat their illnesses and challenges associated, maintaining the ethics and confidentiality regarding the professional-client relationship. We are best rehabilitation and addiction treatment facility that can meet all of your needs in the areas of psychiatry and mental health.

Improve your healing process in a welcoming and therapeutic setting of the highest caliber. Residential care customized to the patient’s mental and psychological health is provided to achieve the best of recovery possible and help patient experience better time ahead.

Tulasi Healthcare is what you require if you’re experiencing difficulties with mental illness concerns. Patients with the following conditions are welcome to contact us for assistance:

When someone becomes lost and has to be guided back to the proper path, rehabilitation is required. An individual must learn how to live an addiction-free life after therapy. Even though reaching sobriety may be difficult, professional counseling may help a person get there. Tulasi Healthcare is a rehabilitation facility in Gurgaon, India that strives to alter drug-seeking behaviors, impart fresh coping mechanisms, and carry out crucial relapse prevention measures. As the top Luxury rehab facility in Gurgaon, the trained specialists at our facility have the requisite competence and approach to develop the ideal de-addiction plan.

The essence of an effective and healthy rehabilitation process includes an addict having a positive outlook and adopting healthy routines. It drastically reduces the likelihood of repeat. At our rehabilitation facility in Gurgaon, India, we have all the information available. In rehab, the exercises and programmes are carried out. In Tulasi Healthcare, patients acquire healthy behaviors that will finally help them maintain their sobriety.

Our Gurgaon addiction recovery centre maintains a stable, well monitored atmosphere. As a consequence, an addict would avoid everything that can set off their addicted behavior and finally get rid of those triggers. As a more modern and effective way to treating addiction, we are also offering counseling and directing therapy to our patients. At our alcohol rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, we also provide a number of treatments and counseling services to address emotional and mental health.

We also employ competent medical personnel, making our facility one of Gurgaon, India’s rehabilitation facilities. We’ve assembled a group of highly qualified medical specialists. These medical professionals are extremely skilled and capable of treating severe and disabling illnesses, regaining whole mental control in patients, and ending addiction patterns. We have developed a  successful strategy that has worked well. To achieve the greatest results, each patient receives a treatment plan that is specifically designed for them. Depending on their specific needs, clients get all-encompassing care and training, including occupational, vocational, and physical therapy. Each person registered in their programme receives individualized care, and the personnel at our rehab centre in Gurgaon satisfy all requirements.

We have various OPD facilities available, where counseling and consultations are available for addiction therapy, individual counseling, family therapy, etc.

We have various IPD facilities available as well:

Acute Psychiatry Care– Inpatient hospitalization is available considering the patient’s comfort while providing the best care.

Alcohol addiction treatment Individualized treatment plans for taking care of alcohol addiction

Drug addiction treatment Individualized treatment for addressing drug addiction    

The inpatient facility has various activities included on daily basis:

Daily Group Therapy and individual sessions with experienced psychologists help a person identify problem areas and how to deal with them. Insight generation healthy coping mechanisms, trigger identification and relapse prevention are all part of the treatment process.

The expert psychiatrists at the Alcohol Rehab Centre in Gurgaon help the patient deal with any withdrawals or physical and mental complications (liver, kidney Psychosis, etc) that might arise from their illness. They provide an individualized medication plan which is monitored on a daily basis.

Daily Alcoholics Anonymous group sessions are held so to provide the person with a solid support group, thereby increasing the chances of long-term sobriety and alcohol-free life.

Daily group sessions with addiction recovery coaches happen to educate the patients regarding their illness.

Daily Cognitive Remedial Therapy classes are conducted, both in groups and as per individual patient’s needs to help the patient strengthen or develop a person’s ability to take in, analyse, and apply new knowledge to enable better functionality in daily life.

The alcohol rehab centre in Gurgaon has an Indoor Stadium, gym, pool, billiards and table tennis tables, a yoga teacher, and a sports instructor. We believe in providing holistic treatment to our patients.

We are aware of the ongoing frustration and stigma experienced by both families and individuals with addiction and mental health issues. We also understand how these brain disorders impair a person’s ability to think clearly and unknowingly control or alter their behaviour. As a result, we work to support people in managing their conditions and regaining control of their lives. In order to treat and heal both apparent and unseen traumas, our treatment plan integrates both psychological and compassionate techniques.

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