How to Deal with Behavioural Problems in Teenagers?

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Behavioural Problems in Teenagers

The onset of adolescence varies from teenager to teenager. Teen years are exciting phase of life but not all teens have an easy time. They have fluctuating hormones and may be overeager to experiment and push boundaries. The physical and emotional maturity brings dramatic changes in behaviour which could be a matter of conflict or distress between parents and teenagers.

Signs & Symptoms

It is hard to draw the line between normal teenage behaviour and behaviour problems. Parents need to pay attention to their growing children’s overall behaviour ranging from social activities, educational performance to self-development. The normal signs of behavioural problems are:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Poor class performance
  • Decrease in enjoyment in social gathering
  • Strong resistance in attending school
  • Memory problems or attention deficit
  • Big change in energy levels
  • Physical problems like backaches and stomach aches
  • Feeling of anxiety and sadness
  • Easily get angry
  • Substance abuse
  • Alcoholism

How to Curb?

Behavioural problems cannot be controlled at once. It may be tough to deal with rebellious teens with strict rules and discipline because this may backfire and can make them overaggressive. But it doesn’t mean that teen’s behavioural problems cannot be resolved. It is treatable through two ways- Self-help and mental health professionals.


It focuses on how to deal with aggressive teens?

Instead of dealing behavioural problems with strict rules, a consistent and loving environment is required for development. Parents need to be supportive, listen to them and understand them. Don’t expect rapid improvement.

Find out the cause of such behaviour. Is your child facing emotional issues? Is your chid facing social pressure, traumatic experience or drug abuse? A teen facing drug abuse or alcoholism needs to undergo for rehab centre care, cognitive therapy and many other programs as soon as possible.

Find new activities for your teen such as sending them to a summer camp, a family holiday etc.

Mental health Care

When parents discover that it is not possible for them to handle their teen’s behavioural problems alone, it is better to ask for help from expert psychiatrists or other mental health professionals in Mental Hospital & rehab centre in gurgaon, delhi. They have mastered the art of dealing with problems through individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, parent training and medication. A customized program is created by analysing the teenager’s behaviour. Special diagnostic services are considered for evaluating the problem such as behavioural and development assessments, neuro development and psycho-educational evaluations etc..

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