Why look offshore for de addiction treatment?

Why look offshore for de addiction treatment?

Percentage of alcohol dependent individuals in our country has increased tremendously and is only showing upward trends, if it was to be compared to the 1990s. In every 100 men, 70 like to drink and around 30 out of 70 are suffering from alcohol addiction problems in the country. Majority of Indians now start drinking at the age of 19 compared to 28 in the 1990s.

Experts believe that in another couple of years, majority will start consuming alcohol at the age of 15. Western culture and changing lifestyle seem to be playing a pivotal role for increasing alcoholism cases in India.

Thousands of homes have been affected by addiction and related problems. Every year, several awareness programs on alcoholism are organized and implemented by the Indian government. Even, the media follows strict guidelines not to promote content that promotes addiction. Several non governmental agencies are also helping in spreading awareness messages that, addiction destroys personal relationships, hurts self-image, makes people financially unstable and predisposes to the risk of 60 different diseases.

Young generation wants to live life at its own terms; therefore they ignore all the alarming signs of impending alcohol dependence.

Causes of Alcohol Addiction

There are several factors contributing to alcohol addiction. It can be due to peer pressure, as drinking has become a trend these days. Family addiction history, an abusive or neglected childhood and mental health issues like depression could cause alcohol dependence.


Mental health infrastructure in India is improving, previously people did not have options, knowledge and resources for the treatment of addiction and related problems. It was thought to be a moral failing or loss of self control, but with increasing awareness large numbers of patients and families have realized that, addiction is a disease. Various well reputed and professional private addiction treatment centres have opened up, with the aim of providing top quality alcohol de addiction treatment.

These centres are comparable to the ones in developed countries. They offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Like the US and the UK addiction centres, Indian addiction centres too have customized treatment plans for their patients. Causes are explored, symptoms are examined, medication and therapies are initiated; all are planned for each patient uniquely by analyzing the depth of dependency.

People with the history of alcohol addiction primarily undergo detoxification, as the first step in the treatment. Detoxification can be done as an outpatient. But in many cases inpatient detoxification is recommended, if the indications are:

  • Failure of outpatient detoxification
  • Stronger denial
  • Lack of motivation
  • Unable to get psycho social support
  • Risky withdrawal symptoms

Later psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and holistic treatments are initiated by various experts. Without motivation enhancement and behaviour modification, it is tough to get rid of the dependence.  Cognitive therapy prime aim is to prevent a relapse. It enhances patient’s self-control by developing effective coping strategies. Yoga, various types of exercises and meditation are holistic ways to get control on mind and stay calm even in most difficult situations. Art therapy and music therapy are also an integral part of the treatment. At the rehab centre, social skills are also developed to regain social involvement and restore confidence.

Family Therapy is an essential part of the addiction treatment. Singularly treating the patient is not enough, whole family’s emotional health has to be restored. In the family therapy program, each family member acquires the skill to deal with the addicted member sensibly without jeopardizing their own mental health.

These are top effective ways applied by rehab centres for alcoholics in India. Contact the nearest rehab centre when you notice any sign of alcohol dependence. Early treatment provides freedom from the addiction.

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