Overcoming Challenges of Substance Abuse

overcome challenges of substance abuse

Substance abuse or substance misuse, as newly termed by DSM-5-TR, is a condition where an individual struggles to deal with the negative consequences of their substance misuse. These substances can range in a variety of forms like alcohol, drugs (heroin, cocaine, marijuana etc.) & other addictive substances. There are a lot of people who suffer from these problems, but are not able to seek any help or are hesitant to do so. This attracts a lot of concern in their social, physical, psychological and emotional aspects.

 Looking into any de-addiction centers, you may find many of them struggling to come over these problems and coping with them. Coping comes with acceptance, & addiction can cloud a person’s judgment. With Tulasi Healthcare, you will find the right support and motivation for yourself & your loved ones to start the deaddiction journey.

Reasons for substance abuse

Substance misuse in itself is not a singular concern, but the factors that facilitate it decide its course. There are multiple factors that play a part in developing an addiction. These can be broadly categorized as follows-

  • Genetic- Genetic factors act as the most crucial factor. The chances of an offspring developing addiction are 40-60% (1)
  • Environmental- The surroundings of an individual also play a major role. Some substances are naturally prevalent in an environment, leading to its discovery and ultimate abuse.
  • Social- Fitting into social circles can induce norms and peer pressure that leads individuals to develop this problem.
  • Familial- Disturbances in family dynamics and socio-economic issues can result in the responsible individuals developing addiction issues to cope from their stressors.
  • Psychological- Many situations in life are not manageable. When this happens, the individual faces stress and anxiety. The coping mechanism in these cases becomes the use of these addictive substances to draw attention away from pressing issues, which ultimately spirals into addiction.

Challenges in Substance Abuse

Addictive substances have a deep level of impact on our physiological and psychological symptoms. The two systems are so deeply affected that they develop dependency on these substances, rendering them unable to lead a life of routine and social conduct. Since these two important components are disturbed, their familial life, economic gains and social images are highly impacted. At some level, the stigma that surrounds substance abuse holds them back to seek treatment, and that concern is apt. But understanding the challenges may help them better in knowing the need to approach a de-addiction center. Let’s take a look at some of these challenges-

  • Limited access to treatment- Access to quality de-addiction treatment may not be available to many due to financial constraints or lack of insurance. This limited access becomes a recurring barrier for such individuals and it becomes extremely difficult for them to break away from this cycle of addiction.
  • Lifestyle changes & social circles- Lifestyle plays an important role in determining the social factors responsible for the origin of addictive behaviors. Breaking away from routine maladaptive habits and social circles that promote this kind of behavior is necessary to bring the required change in the person’s addictive habits. The process of building a new, healthier support system and creating a positive environment is essential for sustained recovery.
  • Comorbid disorders- When substance use disorders develop, they bring about a list of associated conditions. These conditions can only be treated when the root cause is tackled, but sometimes it gets entangled with the treatment process making it difficult for the caregivers to provide the right treatment.
  • Lack of insight- Developing an insight can be a huge task for experts before starting the de addiction process. Affected people are not usually open to suggestions and want to escape this dilemma. This can hinder the whole process of starting the recovery journey. At Tulasi Healthcare, our experts are well versed at inducing an insight in the clients and guide them towards their best interest. Our team of experts under the counsel of Dr. Gorav Gupta has dealt with many cases over the years that make us pioneers in the field, rendering us as one of the best de addiction centers in the country.

Some more of these challenges include-

  • Declining socio-economic levels
  • Damage to bodily functions
  • Lack of acceptance of current situation
  • Disturbed family dynamics
  • Disregard towards rules & social behavior

Overcoming challenges of addiction

  • Addressing Stigma- Psychoeducation and awareness campaigns are a great way to associate and draw attention towards the growing challenges that addiction stricken people and their families face. In that manner, we are able to promote empathy and understanding and be a guiding light for people who truly seek and deserve help in the times of need. Creating a safe space like Tulasi Healthcare is essential for many treatment seekers today.

Importance of medicine based treatments- Effective treatments involve not only basic counseling and detoxification, but also correctional medicines into the body of the client to aid higher rate of recovery. It is a common misconception that introducing more drugs into the body of a person who is already affected may lead to more deterioration, but that is definitely not the case here. Medications, when combined with proper support, counseling and indigenous recovery techniques (yoga, mindfulness etc.) make the best holistic approach to treatment.

Looking for a support system? We’re here to help.

It is always an extremely disappointing and stressing situation to see your loved ones in a position of discomfort. We consider your care and concern and truly know how to guide you through this difficult journey of acceptance and transformation. With Tulasi healthcare, you get the best experts, state of the art care regime and personalized comfort approach to make your journey all about yourselves.

“When willpower guides our mind, every impossible feat is achievable.”

To know more about our personalized approach, care plans and the treatment options available at our rehabilitation centers, visit www.tulasihealthcare.com

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