Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon for Drugs & Alcohol

rehabilitation centre

Rehab Centre for Drug Addiction Treatment

when one is severely dependent on substances Drugs and Alcohol then treating them at a rehabilitation centre is highly recommended. Tulasi Healthcare rehab centre in Gurgaon ensures that the individual’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance is maintained and a tranquil environment is provided away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Best treatment rehab in Gurgaon

Delaying the treatment of addiction is bad for mental as well as physical health. Tulasi rehab centre in Gurgaon provides the best care & treatment services for addiction. Our motto is to make the person healthier and sober so that he/she can once again restart the journey of life. 

Rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon for Substance addiction

We believe in providing assistance for those who are dependent on alcohol, narcotics, opium, or other substances. Our team of professionals is available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of services so they can be occupied and focused on other activities without compulsively thinking about the substance of choice. Mental health professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers are available to sort out personal and interpersonal problems by evidence-based therapies.

There may be several reasons for addiction, such as:

  •  Conflict in family
  •  Tussle with the partner
  •  Death of some loving once
  • Huge loss
  • Show-off
  •  Dejection
  • mental illness
  • Unemployment

Addiction can have serious consequences, including:

  • Social isolation
  • dejection from family and friends
  • Denial of work opportunity
  • low self-esteem
  • homelessness
  • suicide
  • precipitation of physical and mental illnesses

Here at Tulasi Healthcare, we offer our patients customized treatment programs as we understand that every patient is different and should be treated differently. 

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